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Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today: News broadcast styled fanfare, suitable for news opening, documentary etc. After the initial fanfare, it goes downto more basic background orchestral rhythm section for a while (suitable for voiceover), then closing with a return tothe original fanfare theme. Full mix. Keywords: new...

Under Cover of Darkness

Pulsating scene setter for action film chase or gearing up. Undercover cop, spy, SWAT team or secret agent movingin. Slow but with a very strong and determined forward drive. An element of mystery, conspiracy and intrigue. Perhapshigh-tech warfare. Keywords: crime investigation swat police spy spies...

Unseen Terrors

Horror, scifi or thriller underscore featuring severely mangled guitar notes, deep thumping percussion and a disturbing drone. Like the desolatesound from the pits of hell, this is a very dark ambient track. Keywords: horror scifi sci-fi science fiction darkscary death foreboding warning cellar base...

Urban Darkness Part 01

Urban Darkness series, Part 01: Melodic. Sweeping strings, reflective, melancholic,deep booming drum. UK. Keywords: horror,drama, scifi, sci-fi, strings, sneaking, suspense, suspenseful, underscore, thriller

Urban Darkness Part 02

Urban Darkness series, Part 02: General. Deep Drone, few percussions,nervous strings, steamy metal percussion. UK.Keywords: horror, scifi, sci-fi, underscore, thriller, ambience, dark

Urban Darkness Part 03

Urban Darkness series, Part 03: Rhythmic, percussive, dark. Chase or battle. Deep poundingdrums, deep drone, twitchy strings, dissonant horns. UK. Keywords:percussive, horror, scifi, sci-fi, battle, chase, dark, impending, doom, darkness, thriller

Urban Darkness Part 04

Urban Darkness series, Part 04: Suspended, few notes, sneaky, resonant sounds. Dark,horror, suspense, conflict. UK. Keywords: ambience, ambient, dark,sneaking, sneaky, danger, lurking, thriller, horror, scifi, sci-fi, scary, impending, foreboding, ominous

Urban Darkness Part 05

Urban Darkness series, Part 05: Congas, reversed guitar notes, pad and strings. Mystery,crime, etc. UK. Keywords: ambient, ambience, horror, sci-fi, drama,scifi, underscore, texture, mystery, mysterious, thriller, sneaking, sneaky, suspense, suspenseful, foreboding, impending, ominous

Urban Darkness Part 06

Urban Darkness series, Part 06: Malicious, action, metalling percussion,staccato strings. Chase, battle, conflict.UK. Keywords: percussion, percussive, chase, battle, fight, conflict

Urban Darkness Part 07

Urban Darkness series, Part 07: Epic melody, awe, staccatostrings, big horns. UK. Keywords:orchestral, cinematic, drama, dramatic, epic, ominous, majestic

Urban Darkness Part 08

Urban Darkness series, Part 08: Sparse. Desolate wind, low feedback, few notes,drone and pulse. UK. Keywords: horror, scifi, sci-fi,sneaking, suspense, suspenseful, impending, pensive, ominous, foreboding, ambient, ambience, scary, sneaky

Urban Darkness Part 09

Urban Darkness series, Part 09: Rhythmic, percussive. Suspense, pulsating analogue synth, laterpercussion & theme. Awe, monolithic. UK. Keywords: battle,chase, scifi, sci-fi, horror, pensive, impending, doom, ominous, foreboding, conflict

Urban Darkness Part 10

Urban Darkness series, Part 10: Mix of orchestral and synthetic sounds, lightpercussion, hint of theme. UK. Keywords: ambient,ambience, cinematic, drama, dramatic, ominous, impending, suspense, suspenseful, pensive, foreboding, dark

Urban Darkness Part 11

Urban Darkness series, Part 11: Melodic. Sweeping, varying intensity - strings,woodwinds, brass - thematic. UK. Keywords: Epic,drama, dramatic, melodic, orchestral, cinematic, thriller, spy, crime, foreboding, impending,

Urban Darkness Part 12

Urban Darkness series, Part 12: Brooding, metal clank & choral, slow notes, deep piano,alien noises. UK. Keywords: ambient, ambience, dark, suspense, suspenseful, impending,horror, scifi, sci-fi, cinematic, drama, dramatic, scary, foreboding, ominous, pensive, sneaky, sneaking

Urban Darkness Part 13

Urban Darkness series, Part 13: Melodic, epic. More positive orchestral, woodwinds,strings, brass, harp. UK. Keywords: cinematic,drama, dramatic, scifi, sci-fi, melodic, epic, movie, film, soundtrack

Urban Darkness Part 14

Urban Darkness series, Part 14: Semi-electronic, pulsating synth, orchestralpercussion & brass. UK. Keywords:chase, battle, scifi, sci-fi, conflict, drama, scene

Urban Darkness Part 15

Urban Darkness series, Part 15: Dark e-piano, deep cello, semi-electronic percussion, deepbells. UK. Keywords: suspense, horror, scifi, sci-fi, mystery,drama, suspense, suspenseful, pensive, foreboding, sneaky, sneaking, cinematic, film soundtrack
Yann Keerim