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O Spirit instrumental version

Here's a great cinematic piece: simple acoustic instruments unfolding (cello plucks and guitar), like a quiet town where a story is revealing itself. Highly emotional and very memorable melodies. It picks up part way through with an atmospheric shaker.

On a Nickel Intro Stinger

A very happy Paul McCartney and Wings-inspired segue: melodic soloing electric guitars over a 70s rock band or indie garage feel.

Kick in the Pants Stinger One

Totally punchy, fast, energetically youthful tight punky rock with an attitude. Great to segue between segments or intro your video.

High Five part two

A smooth angelic, beautiful piece that turns into a anthemic rock song. Very proud and passionate like Coldplay or U2.

Intro Clip Something Suite

about 14 seconds, great funky little intro to video or comedy sketch.

Daughters & Sons Intro Version

Full out indie band- great drummer, guitar and bass trio play a quick memorable intro- neat and tidy, dynamic; opens a podcast well, or starts a show back from a commercial break; show resuming; REM-like.

Dancing Cheek to Cheek Stinger Edit one

Heavy classic rock feel: BIG guitars, BIG bass, Big drums and prominent hand-claps...great introduction for podacast or video series about skateboards or frat party movie

Soul and Body

Soulful song that quietly builds up. A grooving band: hot bassist and slick and subtle solo electric guitar. Catchy choruses.

Space is Best

Beautiful instrumental pop rock/ modern rock song (somewhat reminiscent of Muse, Metric, A-ha, AC/DC). Some straight-up rocking out with inspired melodies.

The Things That I Didn't Do Wrong (Instrumental version)

very Dave Matthews Band inspired- acoustic guitar and a rock band jammin' it out in an elegant fashion. Recorded in San Francisco.

The Last Track

repeating blues instrumental motif like the na na nas at the end of Hey Jude- gradual build up from a modest beginning to a full on sweeping finish.

How Long

Modern rock music that curiously evokes patriotism, pride ( a bit of a Scottish bagpipe feel but replaced by harmonized electric guitars)

24th Floor

Nice build up from serene and pretty acoustic guitars to a full band. Harmonica solo throughout evokes a wholesome summer country ranch image.


evokes image of a metropolis slowly coming to life as a rising sun kisses the metal and glass skyscrapers. Piano, cellos, synth textures, percussion.


Sinister sounding rock track suitable for spy thriller action, video game shooting mayhem, or zombie attacks during lunch break


Catches you by surprise: xylophone and Ukulele off to an innocent start then a passionate bridge rich with emotion and a sense of caring or reassurance sweeps across your ears courtesy of a quartet of cellos! Also a piano evokes purity.

Solar Flare

Great for an 80s club scene, party atmosphere. A grooving disco-inspired tune with staccato electric guitars, classic dance beat (real drums, not drum machine vibe), and melodic flourishes. Tight harmonized guitar solos.

I Love You Frog (or Pet) (instrumental)

Great for pet food commercial, animals featured. This song features deftly played acoustic guitars, mandolin and drums. Reminds of Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants

On A Dime

Paul McCartney-esque, kind of 70s feel; lots of acoustic guitar staccato style perhaps hinting at ticking clocks; a rousing rock bridge with acoustic drums kicking in. Very melodic.
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