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Man Versus Machine

Hard drums and synths give this head nodding track a good feel, it has a video game vibe to it


Weirds sounds, choir voices and low drums fill this mystical,melodic instrumental

Christmas Fair

by Evgeny
Happy, cheerful and funny orchestral Christmas piece. Easy and festive atmosphere in anticipation of the coming holiday. Starting with a light wind chimes, the theme ends with a triumphant crescendo. Bells ringing, declaring that the long-awaited holiday has come!

Enemy Invasion

Suspense-filled orchestral music with somber strings and an impelling march made of timpani and drums. Menacing and militaristic, like troops marching off to war.

Kiss the Blues

Powerful blues with guitar, Hammond organ, drums and bass. Conveys strength, power and superiority.

Mediterranean Flair

Mediterranean flair with a virtuosic accordion, strings and a finger-picked guitar. Radiates a pleasant, funny and harmonious atmosphere.

Old Spice

Fast, funny and slightly weird sounding song. Antiquated and oldfashioned. Perfect for comedy and josh movies.

Catchy Bossa

Positive, cheerful bossa nova with acoustic guitar, rhodes, brushes and percussion. Youthful, naive, untroubled and free.

Spring is here

Acoustic Indie Pop with a slightly melancholic piano theme accompanied by subdued drums and guitar. Nonetheless hopeful and fresh.

Funny Show Theme

Funny, cheerful 1930s-style opener with brass, piano and drum brushes. Well-suited for comedy, magic shows and cartoons.

Over the Rainbow

Lyrical piano piece with soft guitar accompaniment. Very harmonical and emotional. Suitable as background music for films, documentations or children programs.

On the Indie Way

Lyrical-motivating, youthful indie pop rock featuring guitar, organ, bass and an impulsive beat.Slightly melancholic yet positive. Perfect for commercials, lifestyle, film score, road movies!

Bar Piano

A soft, cushioned sound and playful Jazz harmonies make this Piano tune a perfect character piece for vintage bars and upperclass parties.

Up Up and Away

Melancholic-romantic yet positive pop rock song featuring a catchy theme, piano, guitars, bass, synth and drums. Communicates some certain lightheartedness. Perfect for commercial, film score!

Sunset in Berlin

Excellent smooth jazz with catchy piano and sax melodies. Warm, relaxing and positively friendly mood. Suitable as on-hold music, shopping malls music or multimedia presentations.

Super Latin Intro

Passionate Latin track with a lot of percussion, piano montuno, guitar, brass section and a solo soprano saxophone. Full of energy and rhythm.

Just another beautiful morning

Smooth, intimate piano track with upright bass and drum brushes. Nice string arrangement in the background. Very gentle and affectionate.

Hot Summer

Summery-upbeat Pop Rock song with the classic instrumentation of guitar, bass, piano and drums. Youthful and carefree, perfect for commercials!

Golump the Gorf

Modern Corporate Pop track with a catchy acoustic guitar riff and synth pads. Later on entry of a synth panflute. Sounds fresh and positive. Well-suited for lifestyle, fashion and technology.
Yann Keerim