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say a prayer

by Ionics
Ambient Strings playing fat beautiful chords. A feeling of holiness.

new mexico market

by Ionics
A Pleasant Latin track with a western twist. Solo played by acoustic guitar. Very easy-going, positive and calm. sad,

look behind you

by Ionics
A cool downtempo tune. Modern beat with a jazzy walking bass and a vintage sounding groovy organ.

lover on the run

by Ionics
A cool and fast jazzy track. Very groovy and lively with fast rhodes solo and a great brush-kit rhythm. Perfect for comedies.

poetic killer

by Ionics
A dark and mysterious track that becomes vicious and hardcore. Slow tempo beat accompanied by Heavy bass and raw electric guitars solo. Features atmospheric scary pads and FX. Imagine the killer in slow motion

feelin good

by Ionics
A jazz tune. Fast and fun. Featuring saxophone, piano and jazzy organ. Suitable for comedies.

nice one

by Ionics
A fun light-rock tune with a simple and catchy electric guitar line

russian wedding

by Ionics
A Russian-like theme. Very jumpy and rhythmic. The fast mandolin solo will sweep you off your feet. Very fun and happy. Featuring tuba, accordion, xylophone and drums. This is how a good folk celebration should sound like!

i quit baby

by Ionics
A great track for comedies. Jumpy sax accompanied by a bright and happy piano chords. Featuring a wow-wow electric guitar solo. A melody that puts a smile on your face

clockshop closing hours

by Ionics
This is a toy like tune. Can be used as soundtrack for animations. The composition builds up layer after layer, giving you a mechanical ambiance of something humble and sweet. Imagine those spring ballerinas in a small musical chest.

the death of mrs jenkins

by Ionics
Blood-freezing-mind-chilling track. This unique piece of work will scare you and fill you with admiration. Classical and crooked harmony filled with scary transition and bubbling floating pads. Suitable for horror rollers or scary scenes.

jive delight

by Ionics
A funky tune. Full of glamor and coolness. Featuring saxophones, trombones, drum loops, bass, Rhodes and various percussion.


by Ionics
Energetic house/dance track with powerful synths and an impelling drum beat. Motivating, youthful and dance-able. Eminently suitable for party, fashion and lifestyle.

my quiet war

by Ionics
A sad and moving composition. Very touching guitar and violin theme. This Spanish-like track will make you feel something. Perfect for theme music for intro or outro of a feature.

samanthas poltergeist

by Ionics
Start chewing you fingernails. Random strums on the strings of a piano combined with scary strings. Someone's coming for you. The tension builds up and ends with a big bang.


by Ionics
A melancholic and slow rock instrumental. Featuring a mellow electric guitar solo and keys from the 70's - deep purple style. Excellent for scenes with a taste of despair, failure or depression. Very moody.

getting naked

by Ionics
Lounge track. Sexy beat with a jazzy organ and cool Rhodes. Rhythmic and positive. Great for commercials

jordan holy water

by Ionics
A spiritual tune. The Magical harp and the flute theme will take you to your private church. This track tells a story of a sacred place. Very gentle and calm composition.

the way home

by Ionics
A very melodic tune with great middle eastern tempo and pleasant strings with a very touchy guitar solo. Imagine a sweet memory that will make your eyes wet and your mind drifting.

the touch of god

by Ionics
A Church Choir singing an epic harmony. Very relaxing and religious-like composition. The exact track for those little moment of grace when you can see heaven.

big expectations

by Ionics
This is the music of anticipation and longing. The track is romantic and nostalgic alltogether. Featuring an acoustic guitar and percussion. Great for film and documentaries.
Yann Keerim