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Raucous Railway

A fun action adventure orchestral cue with an animated, fast paced mood. Great for kids productions, anything involving railroads, chases, etc.


A clean, comforting instrumental great for corporate and industrial use. Mellow, light activity with a sense of reassuring optimism.

Follow Me

An epic orchestral action cue with themes of danger, determination, and heroism. Great for historical, battles, war, action, etc.

Stay Away

A dark, sinister instrumental theme with an air of mystery and suspicion. Great for productions involving crime, investigation, modern horror, etc.

Uncovering The Truth

An orchestral cinematic drama cue with a sense of brooding mystery and unfolding intrigue. Gradual upward modulations create an air of suspense and building urgency.

Depth Of Beauty

A beautifully dreamy and delicate orchestral underscore with a mood of soft, pensive tenderness.

Matter Of Fact

A documentary drama styled instrumental with feelings of contemplation, sadness, and longing. Piano, soft mallets, etc.

Clever One

A curious, rhythmic orchestral cue with a mood of wonder and a little mischief. Very engaging and adventurous fun. Great for fantasy, kids, comedy, animation, etc.

Dizzying Heights

A modern hybrid cue that blends sparse electronic rhythms with orchestral elements. Very tense and suspenseful with a soaring buildup.

Along The River

A dramatic action adventure cue in a cinematic style that incorporates orchestral and Oriental elements. Koto, strings, deep drums, etc. Very intense and exotic with a mood of danger and determination.

Day Of Reckoning

A serious, dramatic cue with piano, orchestral strings, etc. Feelings of contemplation, hard decisions, restrained urgency, etc. Film score drama with sadness and dark emotion.

The Time Is Now

An intense orchestral cue with some deep drums. Very determined with an air of danger and drama. Great for productions involving battles, war, military, fights, etc.

A Buried Past

A dark, melancholic piece that blends impressionistic classical and jazz ballad elements. Slow tempo with piano, acoustic bass, drum set, ambient synthetics, etc. Very morose with sadness and regret.
Yann Keerim