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Burn Out Loops

A super groovy guitar riff is the basis for thismid-tempo rocker. It's confident, cheeky, up-front, cocky and makes noexcuses for it. Commercials, presentations, sports, action, excitement, groove.

Brighter Day Loops

Uplifting and inspiring, melodic pop-rock. Acoustic drums, acoustic guitar and piano ina verse-chorus structured, youthful and bright piece; highly suitable for youth orfamily programming, friendships and family values. Wholesome and appealing. Real feelgood stuff.

Down to Earth Loops

A delicious, smooth and easy-going chillout track with soft percussion, acoustic guitars, a fat downtempo urban drum beatand melodic vocal hooks. Also available without the vocal hooks. A very slight tropical feel.. Keywords: chill out chillout chill-out chill easy listening soft sweet nice easy dow...

Evolving View Loops

A subtle, understated, tasteful and smooth pop/ambient crossover track with a slightly latin twist. Adark synth bass underpins moody, subtly sweeping synth pads and acoustic guitar leads, latino style.Great aural imagery. Suitable for visual presentations, art, web sites, film and even travel/holida...

Dream Zone Loops

Tender and touching, romantic pop track. Loving, heartening, emotional and longing. Suitable foryoung drama, young love, valentine, daydreaming, love and romance. Subtle, r&b style drumbeat, acoustic guitars, sweeping pads, piano, strings and emotional melodies. Contemporary pop/rock production.

Inner World Loops

A smooth and sensual electronic chillout track with an acoustic guitar and a vocal hook to addwarmth. This style track has a positively oozing flow and a wide appeal.. Keywords: downtempo chill chillout lounge chilling chill-out cafe del mar uplifting nice

Always There Stinger

An uplifting, spirited and positively upbeat track somewhere between Pop and Electronica.Melodic, good natured, joyful, fresh and friendly. Great for use in commercials,presentations, sports, family fun, or any positive, uplifting media project.

Mellow Mood Loops

An exotic, swaying, acoustic chillout track in the style of 'Cafe del Mar'. With a very slight latin feel, this trackis all about summer, holiday, relaxation, romance, silky smooth beaches and long, hot nights. Very tasteful, and excellent for travel, holidayor good times. Keywords: acoustic guitar ...
Yann Keerim