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Good Times

Positive, driving Rock song with many escalating guitar sounds. Towards the end entry of powerful drums and a lead guitar. Motivating and youthful. Perfect for commercials.

Bootsy Rag

Very positive, relaxed, happy ragtime jazz, 1920s-style, featuring a muted trumpet, piano and lively brush drums. Perfect for commercials, documentaries, film score!

Tiroler Lust

Cheerfully typical Swiss folk music with accordion, tuba, guitar and drums. Perfect for beer tent atmosphere.


Exciting-playful bar jazz featuring piano trio and finger snaps. Funny and sexy. Perfect for commercials, crime comedies, dramedies!

Heart of the Jungle

Mysterious strings and warm piano ostinato and African percussion rhythms give power and depth as well as a mystical touch. Very good as film music.

Moonhill Child

Slow, atmospheric Ballad with a romantic piano theme and soft bongo beat. Perfect for love movies and thoughtful moments.

Hamburg Nightlife

Cool smooth jazz track with highlighted themes by piano and sax and an easygiong but driving beat. Groovy and relaxed.

Furious Rock Fire

Exhilarating, powerful rock anthem with distorted guitars, rippling piano and a strong rhythm section. Ensures powerful adrenaline.

Made in Germany

Exciting rock pop hymn with guitars, piano, bass and drums. Begins calmly and builds up to a fulminant climax. Suitable as an opener as well as for commercials. Spirit of optimism.

Too Cool for School

Cool Lounge track with jazzy e-piano and trumpet solos accompanied by a laid-back drum groove. Well-suited for lifestyle cocktail parties.

The World in my Pockets

Lighthearted, positive Pop song with slightly jazzy lead guitar, melodious piano, bass and a gentle beat. Gets you in the mood for travelling and holiday!

Bing Ding

A glockenspiel melody meets a RnB groove with acoustic guitar and strings. Sounds fresh and modern. Well-suited for technology, presentations and commercials.


Romantic-relaxed, light westcoast pop/smooth jazz featuring a catchy theme, acoustic guitar, Rhodes, a soulful solo sax, a funky guitar and a groovy shuffle beat.

Lovin Life

Jazz Fusion with cool guitar playing, grooving drums and bass, and melodies of piano and saxophone. Sounds noble, relaxed and chilled out.
Yann Keerim