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Dark Ages The Plague

Musical underscore bed depicting tragedy, death, doom orsickness. Dark pads, rattling reverberant shells, subtle hornand cello. Deep, low level giant drum.

Deep Secrets Bittersweet

Slow, suggestive, subtle drama theme. Piano, deep pads.Personal theme, a hint of sadness or loss.Perhaps memories or regret. Underscore for film, drama.

Deep Secrets Love Promise

Melodic, romantic film soundtrack style. Strings, piano, flute, acoustic guitar.Tender, romantic, personal and touching; love climax at 3 min50 secs, can obviously be cut to fit other lengths.

Deep Secrets Mystery

A short piece of music for background use in film, drama,or other media. Slightly dark, with a hint of intrigue, mystery,perhaps a puzzle or problem solving. Acoustic guitar, string, piano.

Deep Secrets New Beginnings

Emotional, soft film score background music. Strings, acoustic guitar, flute. Loving,caressing and with deep emotion; as if discovering a new loveor setting out from home, on to new adventures.

Deep Secrets The Shadow

Dark filmscore theme. Moving and swirling drone, sparsepiano theme. Mystery or intrigue. Underlying drama, hintsof past or impending conflict.

Dark Ages Prayer Hour

Dark, ominous orchestral underscore. Deep piano, bell, cello, voices. Occasional vocal pads witha slightly religious or ritualistic feeling. Dark church, monastery, priest, cleric, shaman, wizardor sorceror. Slightly claustrophobic feel. Good for horror or dark thriller background music.

Dark Ages Shadows in Time

Subtle, low key, background underscore for film. Mysterious, like distant echoes of the past.Great for history, mystery, ancient tales, drama, and fantasy. Musical backdrop which provides anerve and atmosphere, without standing out or grabbing the attention too much.

Dark Ages The Forest

Mysterious, semi-orchestral soundtrack. Background for adventure, drama, horror orhistory material. Low intensity, providing a background nerve withoutstanding out. Piano, cello, bells, subtle ocarina.

Dark Ages The Threat

Sneaky and uneasy, semi-orchestral film soundtrack background. Cello,piano, subtle metal clanks and horns. Dark, conflictfilled, good for thriller, horror or drama.

Dark Ages Undertow

Low level, dark drama underscore. Suspenseful, suggestive. Cello, piano, subtle horns andstring section. Intrigue, drama, personal conflict. Good as background for drama ordialogue in thriller, horror or any dark, serious film scene.

Deadly Mission

Suspenseful thriller underscore. Ticking rhythm giving a sense of counting down. Sneakystrings, spy-like electric piano. International conflict, thriller, inspired by the music infilms like 'The Interpreter' and TV series like '24', etc.

Dead End Chase

Fast, frantic and hard hitting semi-orchestral, semi-electronic music for action,fight or racing scene. Distorted, twisted guitars, deep brass stabs,extremely fast techno breakbeat. Chase or battle material.

Deep Secrets Love Letters

Short, romantic piece of film music, underscore, background.Tender, loving. Piano, string, acoustic guitar. Suitable foruse in drama, love themes or romance.

Deep Secrets Theme

Music for drama, film or personal themes. Piano, strings, cello, very subtle brass.Uplifting but with slight mystery and anticipation; as if a promise of adventuresto come. Good for opening sequence for personal drama film and more.


Sparse, dark ambient track, like a derelict factory orunderground parking house where danger lurks. Sneaky, slightly metallicfeel. Useful for horror or thriller material.


Understated electronic ambient track. Weird spacey scifi sounds surroundinga soothing electronic pulse groove. Warm arpeggios. Calming, inspiring,alien, otherworldly. Understated electro 808 drums.

Distorted Fragments

Menacing, ominous underscore track for dark, futuristic scene or openingsequence in sci-fi or horror film/game. Mix of electronic andorchestral elements, occasional fragments of unintelligible radio messages with static.

Disturbed Mind

Menacing, dark ambient sound collage. Ice cold soundtexture suggesting a terrible realization or horrible sight.Suitable for horror, sci-fi, thriller or experimental material.
Yann Keerim