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Determined, fast paced chase or battle scene music,using a combination of orchestral sounds with ahard hitting techno backdrop.

Inside Story

Underscore track for intrigue, crime, conspiracy and troubled times. This film soundtrack style track has both adark and a light side, with a strong foreboding sense of impending conflict. Keywords: drama dramatic pensiveforeboding mystery mysterious crime csi investigation forensic detective newspa...

Intricate Steps

Underscore track with a low level spy-thriller bass groove. Funky, laidback drums, electric piano, slightlyretro feel. Undercover cop, investigation, searching for clues etc. Keywords: CSI detective clues investigation investigatingagent secret james bond 007 spy thriller mystery forensic forensics ...

Leaf in the Wind

A sweetly mysterious, dreamy, soft and romantic musicalsoundscape. Bowed bells, strings, pads. Soaring, emotional chordprogressions. Loving, caressing, sleepy/dreamy and slightly wistful.

Live Wire

Uptempo, slick and streamlined techno, trance electronica track. Solid, groovy bass line, subtle arpeggiosand sweeps. A determined beat and good energy level, but without being too in-your-faceor brash. Suitable for high-tech, technology, sports footage, space trip and more.


Mechatron: Strong, confident, mechanical sounding background track. Suitable as corporate underscore, high-tech presenations, mechanical orstructural demonstrations, slideshows. Strength and confidence. Keywords: mechanical strong determined business corporate dark pensive confidentindustry industri...

Mission Incredible

Inspired by the sound of Mission Impossible, this is a fast moving theme for aspy, secret agent or undercover cop. Suitable for action with a hint of mystery andconspiracy. Keywords: james bond 007 mission impossible secret agent spy spies undercover espionage mystery mysterious

Mystical Pyramids

Mystical Pyramids: Slightly dark and foreboding Arabian/Egyptian track with a sense of history and mysticism.This track goes through various different sections throughout -- some more and some less rhythmic-- and can be used for several cues. UK.


Very cool and confident, uptempo techno groove. Like little parts of machinery, inperfect sync and in rhythmic motion. Great for product presentation, exciting and edgyfootage, sports, extreme sports, workouts, exercise, dance club etc. Almost cocky.

Night Maneuvers

A tense and nervous underscore with ominous strings, occasional deep booming drums and a fewspy-like guitar notes. Highly suitable for thriller, spy material, tense film underscore etc. Keywords: ambientscary dark horror strings sneaky sneaking tense pensive foreboding underscore spy mission secret ...
Yann Keerim