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Taiko Triads

Taiko Triads: A dark and ominous piece with heavy use of the Taiko drumand japanese/chinese Gong. No melody, all percussion. Martial Arts, Japanese triads, dark, foreboding, military,historical, impending battle. Chase scene, etc. Full mix. UK.


Talisman: A blend of techno-trance and middle-eastern mysticism. The track opens with chanting and tabla, andbuilds to an electronic trance club anthem. Be sure to listen for a minute or so,as the main beat kicks in at around 50 secs. UK.

The Coco Race

A fun and bouncy African or jungle inspired track. Double-time drums give it a race or action feel, but in a fun and friendly way. Occasionaltribal grunts, lots of varied melodies throughout, and a humorous element in the live kazoo performance. Great track for kids' games or any bright & funcontent...

The Dance of Hadin

The Dance of Hadin: Tribal percussion, hand drums, djembe drum and giant drums.Starts from a deep drone and builds in a crescendo to an intenseclimax with tribal chants and chaotic sounds. UK.

The Desert Ruins

Dark atmospheric film soundtrack style. Sparse, foreboding, sneaky. Slight ethnic slant.Keywords: dark atmospheric background underscore soundtrack sparse ominous foreboding sneaky ethnicworld deep drum impending suspenseful mystery mysterious ancient history

The Freeze

Very sparse underscore, almost a void. Scraping pads, unrecognizable, resonant sounds. A place of unease and disease, sneaking, hiding. Greatas a sci-fi, thriller or horror backdrop. Keywords: horror thriller mystery sneaky sneaking creepy creeping sparse underscore backdrop background darknessdark ...

The Jungle Trail

The Jungle Trail: Almost entirely percussion driven track. Upbeat african rhythms with multipledrums. A subtle underlying bass line, influenced by trance music. Occasional African flutes.Inspired by the sound of Safri Duo. UK.

The Lost Rites

The Lost Rites: A grand cinematic piece with ethnic & tribalundertones. Chants, pulses and crescendoes give a sense of witnessing thousandsof years of mystery and mythology. UK.

The Next Step

Atmospheric electro-trance techno dub track with a fat bass groove and suitably spacey synth arpeggios, with etherealvoices and sound effects from the 'other side'. Keywords: techno trance dance electronic electronica deep synth synthesizerarpeggio ethereal space spacey dream dark monotoneous groove...

The Night Watch

Pensive, tense underscore for thriller, horror or scifi. Electronic, strange noises, high twitchy strings, occasional reverberantpercussion. Lurking danger. Keywords: horror dark scifi scary sci-fi spooky cellar basement underground underscore sneaky sneakingcreepy creeping ambient ambience darkness...

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster: Slightly ethnic, acoustic, mysterious. Acoustic guitar, flute, cello,tabla, pads. Both light and dark. Warm, soothing and welcoming.Mystery character. Foreign, intriguing. UK.

The Sand Temple

The Sand Temple: A dry and breathy desert rhythm soon gives wayto a majestic melody which leads further into dark ambiences and achoir swelling into mystery & mythology. Dark. UK.

The Sixth Sign

A dark, pensive and very tense film underscore track using staccato string section, unintelligible whispers, ethnicpercussion. A very serious tone which sets the scene for crime, thriller, international conspiracies, terrorists, etc.Keywords: drama crime soundtrack dark serious mystery spy spies sec...

The Spy Game

Secret Agent or Spy Thriller material featuring funky riffs, horn sections and the unmistakablemelodies of international mystery and intrigue. Inspired by James Bond 007 and other spythriller films. Keywords: spies spy conspiracy international secret agent police chase investigation crime mafia

The True You

The True You: A time for reflection and truth - gentle, romanticand slightly wistful piano music piece. Love and romance. Relaxation, beauty andreflection. Piano and soft strings. UK.

The Vault

Pulsating, dark underscore. Nervous strings, echoes of bass notes, menacing deep brass notesand reverberant percussion. A sense of foreboding danger. Horror, thriller, etc. This trackis available in two versions: One with percussion, and one without percussion.
Yann Keerim