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A dark contemporary classical piece with an air of suspicion and mystery. Great for subjects involving murder, crime, secrets, forbidden desire, etc.

What We Used To Be

An emotional symphonic piece with lots of depth, as if reflecting on the ups and downs of a romance or close relationship. Moments of tender beauty as well as drama. Great for film underscore.

Danger Rising

A mysterious cinematic instrumental track with an eerie, suspenseful atmosphere. A bit of an Asian or Oriental tinge with an anxious mood.

Poignant Solo Clarinet

A poignant, tender solo clarinet playing free of time. Spacious and slow, great for underscore use. Creates feelings of sadness, sentimentality, reflection etc.

Find A Way

A moody, intriguing instrumental that blends a world drum groove with ambient synthetic elements. Great for documentary drama, world affairs, global issues, etc.

Family Affair

A film noir styled drama cue with an Italian influence. Starts suspiciously, then leads into a very poignant, melancholic melody. Great for productions involving organized crime, mafia life etc.

From End To End

A unique instrumental that blends a world beat feeling with contemporary orchestral elements. Comforting and dreamy, with feelings of hope.

Modern Nation

A cool modern African/world beat instrumental cue with hand drum groove, upright bass, xylophone, percussion, etc. Great for productions involving global issues, culture, etc.


A towering, darkly enchanted orchestral cue with a Gothic theme. Organ, blazing horns, booming timpani drums, etc. Great for dark fantasy, horror, medieval, etc. Sinister and frightening.

Different Light

A hopeful, inspiring instrumental track with a pop orchestra set up. Piano, orchestral strings, and a mid tempo drum set groove with a light gospel feeling. Very moving and touching. Great for documentary, uplifting themes, etc.

Risky Job

A cool, slick instrumental with upright jazz bass, ambient conga drum, electric piano, etc.Great for modern spy or heist scenarios with a comedic, sneaky mood.

Boar Hunt

An intense tribal African instrumental with lots of ethnic drums and percussion. Imagine a primitive hunt in the jungle.

All Too Clear

A tense, foreboding instrumental theme with elements of downtempo and dark ambient electronica. Mysterious and suspenseful with an effect similar to a rattlesnake.
Yann Keerim