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From End To End

A unique instrumental that blends a world beat feeling with contemporary orchestral elements. Comforting and dreamy, with feelings of hope.

Modern Nation

A cool modern African/world beat instrumental cue with hand drum groove, upright bass, xylophone, percussion, etc. Great for productions involving global issues, culture, etc.


A towering, darkly enchanted orchestral cue with a Gothic theme. Organ, blazing horns, booming timpani drums, etc. Great for dark fantasy, horror, medieval, etc. Sinister and frightening.

Different Light

A hopeful, inspiring instrumental track with a pop orchestra set up. Piano, orchestral strings, and a mid tempo drum set groove with a light gospel feeling. Very moving and touching. Great for documentary, uplifting themes, etc.

Risky Job

A cool, slick instrumental with upright jazz bass, ambient conga drum, electric piano, etc.Great for modern spy or heist scenarios with a comedic, sneaky mood.

Boar Hunt

An intense tribal African instrumental with lots of ethnic drums and percussion. Imagine a primitive hunt in the jungle.

All Too Clear

A tense, foreboding instrumental theme with elements of downtempo and dark ambient electronica. Mysterious and suspenseful with an effect similar to a rattlesnake.

Other World

A dreamy, ethereal new age soundtrack cue with an underwater feeling. Great for productions involving ocean life, outer space, etc.

Where To Begin

A tender, emotional track with ambient synthetics, graceful melodic piano, and a light electronic beat later in song. Feelings of hope, reflection, and life journey themes.

Hip Hop Mafioso

A cool, gritty hip-hop/rap instrumental with unique orchestral elements. Great for subjects involving crime, gangsters, drugs, urban warfare, mafia etc. Edgy, confident and menacing.

Sitcom Jazz

A fun jazz instrumental with a snazzy melody. Acoustic bass, drum set, electric piano and acoustic piano. Great for sitcom or indie film comedy, romantic comedy, etc.

Bad Kitty

A fun, silly piece with fast pizzicato strings, tuba, and an unusual sounding organ. Great for kids productions, circus, carnival, goofy video games, etc.


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