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black hole

Dark, ominous and atmospheric; this ambient composition can underscore any tense, brooding or dramatic scene that calls for a more subtle musical approach. instrumental, atmospheric, dark, droning Electronic Ambient

baroque virus

Inspired by classical remixes in rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution. Orchestral elements and organ play alongside a serious dance beat! instrumental, strings, violin, organ Electronic Dance

standpipe valve

Hard-hitting, chippy, and blippy! This intense techno/breakbeat track uses thick beats, synths and distortion to create a confident and aggressive composition. instrumental, retro, hardcore, big beat Electronic Techno

cubic movement

Contemplative, groove-driven electronica designed to call to mind slow, methodical and complex movement. Especially good for abstract imagery, mathematics, technology and science. instrumental, abstract, electric guitar, atmospheric Electronic Downtempo

la isla del encanto

Come to the dance hall! Inspired by artists like Daddy Yankee and Sean Paul, this track features THE reggaeton drum beat, a huge bassline, organ, trumpets, synths, piano and everything else a good party song needs. The spirit of Puerto Rico is alive and well for any production that needs it! instrum...


Nu-skool progressive breakbeat a la BT, Hybrid, Way Out West and Ils. A dark, abstract mood is created by acidic, ominous synths, electric guitar chugs and complete structural breakdowns. instrumental, electric guitar, breakbeat, strings, progressive Electronic Techno

filthy nasty

Top 40 club hip hop modeled after artists like David Banner, Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon. True to the crunk style with sub-happy drums, bass and an infectious hook. instrumental, party, snaps, gangsta Hip Hop Club

looking glass

Steady, downtempo chillout with a filtered electronic beat, airy pads, icy leads and constantly evolving harmonies. instrumental, atmospheric, subtle, droning Electronic Downtempo

without regret (interlude)

While brief, this melancholic piece explores the realm of the electronic and organic, mixing processed synth sounds with a hopeful acoustic piano melody. instrumental, driving, piano, processed, breakbeat Electronic Dance


Ultra high-energy big beat/breakbeat in the style of Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method! Excellent for action scenes, driving, clubs or anything that needs a confident and aggressive edge. instrumental, big beat, distorted, pumping Electronic Techno

dreams of cobalt

A dynamic, retro-inspired breakbeat track that starts out with minimal beats and electronic sounds, expanding gradually into a high-energy wall of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic textures! instrumental, breakbeat Electronic Video Game


Don't worry, be happy! Indian instruments like the sitar and tablas meld with a disco-esque beat and carefree melodic synth sounds for a very psychedelic mood. instrumental, sitar, world, ethnic, tabla, spacey Electronic World

clash of the titans

The ultimate battle for the future begins here. A climactic, powerful orchestral-electronic hybrid reminiscent of 'final boss' themes from video games, combined with some retro flavor. instrumental, strings, chaotic, driving, electric guitar Electronic Dramatic

boom and bounce

Electro hip hop in the style of artists like the Black Eyed Peas! A minimal, club-friendly composition filled out by massive drums, dance synthesizers and ominous pads. instrumental, party, claps, electro Hip Hop Club

depth charge

Brooding, adrenaline-filled drum n' bass that dives into the ocean. Featuring furious synths, burning guitars, growling basses, and more. Inspired by Prodigy and Pendulum. instrumental, electric guitar, distorted, piano, fast, processed Electronic Drum and Bass

the art of zen

Inspiring, emotional breakbeat electronica in the style of BT. The composition progresses through multiple moods, starting and ending with a sense of warm hope and love. Incorporates world acoustic instruments in addition to heavy electronic sounds. instrumental, ethnic, world, uplifting, happy, bre...

heavy industry

Gritty, electro-industrial rock! Thick guitar chugs support distorted synths, massive drums and blazing lead sounds. instrumental, electric guitar, distorted Electronic Rock


Progressive breakbeat electronica in the style of Crystal Method, BT and Hybrid. Dark and atmospheric with a haunting piano breakdown and uplifting second half. instrumental, breakbeat, piano, atmospheric, progressive Electronic Dance

factor 5

An homage to games from the C64 and NES era like Turrican and Contra. Fast-paced, highly-energetic and filled with old-school synth sounds and melodies over a heart-pounding, bright beat. instrumental, retro, video game, synth solo Electronic Video Game

star command

Instrumental rock/synth metal styled after hard-hitting video game soundtracks like Contra. Blazing, distorted leads, arpeggios and guitars make for a truly badass feel. instrumental, electric guitar Rock Metal

house of cards

Swung, triplet instrumental rock with a country flavor. Big, 60s/70s drum sounds fuel the acoustic piano, organ and electric guitar rhythm and lead parts. Try not to hum the melody after listening just once! instrumental, electric guitar, triplet, swing, piano, organ Rock Country
Yann Keerim