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Urban Darkness Part 10

Urban Darkness series, Part 10: Mix of orchestral and synthetic sounds, lightpercussion, hint of theme. UK. Keywords: ambient,ambience, cinematic, drama, dramatic, ominous, impending, suspense, suspenseful, pensive, foreboding, dark

Urban Darkness Part 11

Urban Darkness series, Part 11: Melodic. Sweeping, varying intensity - strings,woodwinds, brass - thematic. UK. Keywords: Epic,drama, dramatic, melodic, orchestral, cinematic, thriller, spy, crime, foreboding, impending,

Urban Darkness Part 12

Urban Darkness series, Part 12: Brooding, metal clank & choral, slow notes, deep piano,alien noises. UK. Keywords: ambient, ambience, dark, suspense, suspenseful, impending,horror, scifi, sci-fi, cinematic, drama, dramatic, scary, foreboding, ominous, pensive, sneaky, sneaking

Urban Darkness Part 13

Urban Darkness series, Part 13: Melodic, epic. More positive orchestral, woodwinds,strings, brass, harp. UK. Keywords: cinematic,drama, dramatic, scifi, sci-fi, melodic, epic, movie, film, soundtrack

Urban Darkness Part 14

Urban Darkness series, Part 14: Semi-electronic, pulsating synth, orchestralpercussion & brass. UK. Keywords:chase, battle, scifi, sci-fi, conflict, drama, scene

Urban Darkness Part 15

Urban Darkness series, Part 15: Dark e-piano, deep cello, semi-electronic percussion, deepbells. UK. Keywords: suspense, horror, scifi, sci-fi, mystery,drama, suspense, suspenseful, pensive, foreboding, sneaky, sneaking, cinematic, film soundtrack

Urban Darkness Part 16

Urban Darkness series, Part 16: Rich percussion, both electronic and orchestral- dissonant & sweeping. UK. Keywords: percussive,rhythmic, chase, battle, conflict, scifi, sci-fi, fight, intense, film soundtrack

Urban Darkness Part 17

Urban Darkness series, Part 17: Lighter orchestra - building up, revelation, backdown. UK. Keywords: drama, dramatic, cinematic, orchestral, film,soundtrack, film score, filmscore, scifi, sci-fi, dark, moody, atmospheric, brooding

Urban Darkness Part 18

Urban Darkness series, Part 18: Deep Boom, metallic sounds, brooding atmosphere, very dark,horror. UK. Keywords: brooding, moody, atmospheric, doom, impending, ominous,foreboding, suspense, suspenseful, pensive, scifi, horror, sci-fi, sneaky, sneaking, scary, nervous, scared, spooky

Urban Darkness Part 19

Urban Darkness series, Part 19: Drone, sparse percussion, deep horns, analogue synthpulse. UK. Keywords: foreboding, impending, suspense, suspenseful, horror,scifi, sci-fi, drama, dramatic, movie, soundtrack, film, filmscore, sneaky, ominous, foreboding

Urban Darkness Part 20

Urban Darkness series, Part 20: Chase, battle, conflict - industrial percussion,synth pulse, orchestral backdrop. UK. Keywords: filmsoundtrack, movie, film, filmscore, action, battle, chase, fight, conflict

Urban Darkness Part 21

Urban Darkness series, Part 21: Fast, battle, sweeps and pulses, electronic,deep percussion. UK. Keywords: battle, chase, fight,conflict, film soundtrack, movie soundtrack, filmscore, drama, dramatic, scifi, sci-fi

Urban Takedown

Fast moving chase or battle track, using orchestral elements blended with hard core techno breakbeat drums anddistorted synthesizers. Good for crime chase, trailer, or any conflict/battle material. Also good for sports, extreme sportsand dramatic, high impact footage. Keywords: chase fight fighting ...

Urgent News

Urgent News: Breaking news. Incoming information. Business update.Stocks update. Busy, intense. Keywords: news corporate broadcasttelevision tv information. UK.


A very slow moving ambient track, like oozing, sticky, floating, slowly sinking into the deep or softlyfalling snow. Sorrowful, mournful, almost standing still. A sense of time itself slowed down. Inspired by theambient works of The Dead Texan and others. Acoustic piano, mellotron, slowly swirling s...

Windows to Life

Melancholic, piano based soundtrack with strings. A sense of longing, revisiting old times or makinga new start. Travelling, passing time, pictures from a life. Good for drama use, openingscenes etc. Keywords: longing reflective drama dramatic tv television film movie scene opening melancholy curiou...


Solar wind, mysterious drone, spacey echoes accompany a sparse and understated but yet majestic synthesizer melody, like echoesof a distant time or place. Keywords: ambient ambience ambiance echoes synth synthesizer electronic sparse electro wind spacespacey scifi sci-fi science travel journey ship ...

A Journey Within

This piece of soothing relaxation music plays for 60 minutes uninterrupted. The music is floating, tingling, soothing and soft relaxation music, with only a few sparse melodicelements. It keeps an even flow, but is not repetitive -- there is very little repetition, despite it's full one hour playing...

Endless Oceans

A one hour long, uninterrupted piece of relaxation music. Warm and comforting, this 60-minutes track uses a mix of soft pads, piano, acoustic guitar and some more unusual sounds to createa constantly evolving, slowly moving musical soundscape. Although the track is a full 60 minutes long, there is v...
Yann Keerim