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A Glass of Jazz

Jazz music recorded with a piano trio. This music is great for moving, playful, and fun situations. Will fit great for background music, restaurant music and ambient music

Ragtime Piano

Old and rhythmic piano music. This fast music track will fit well for funny, comedy and old movies. Stride piano music

Postive Piano

Solo Piano music track. The Pianist play a repetitive and groovy rhythm in the left hand and bluesy melodies on the right hand. Cool and happy music

The Piano and Me

Stride piano music track, very jazzy and happy. This old music will be great for retro, old and traditional projects.

Wonderful Cocktail

Piano and upright bass duet music. Acoustic music great for ambient music and background music. Optimistic, rhythmic, with a bit of latin mood


Fresh and creative piano music. This music is fast with jazzy piano melodies. The melody was full harmonized giving a contemporary sound.

Warm Piano Moment

Tender, touching piano music track. This music track is soft, slow and warm and will fit well in love stories, sensitive projects and romantic scenes

Moving Legs

Fast and rhythmic piano music track. This music is happy and positive with great piano melodies. Groovy and jazzy with conclusive ending

13th Street Minor Blues

Piano music track, very jazzy and bluesy. This music has a repetitive melody riff and a fresh and bouncy improvised solo. Jazz, blues music

Summer Wind

Contemporary jazz music recorded with a piano trio. This Swinging and imporvised music track will be great for ambient music, background music and creative, climatic situations

Piano in the Clouds

Piano ballad, very emotional and slow. Great music for sensitive and dramatic projects. Peaceful, relaxing music

Happy Piano Man

Solo piano music, rhythmic and jazzy. This music is graceful and happy, like a pianist play alone in a bar. Tradional jazz, old school

Ballad for Emma

Tearful and tender music, very soft and warm. This piano music will be great for loving and caring situations. Easy listening, slow, quiet, soulful and gentle

Jazz Voyeur

Solo piano music track with cool improvised melodies. This acoustic, instrumental music track is fresh, creative and contemporary.

Driving in the Mountains

Organic music for commercials, radio and tv spots. Bass play a pedal and piano play easy melodies with a repetitive sensation. This organic music will be great for commercials and background music

Wake Up

Fast jazzy music track. Swinging piano trio playing a traditional tune. Very rhythmic, agile, and motivated. Great music for joyful, moving and excited situations

Joyful Jazzy Piano

Jazz piano music track, very traditional and swinging. This music is creative and fresh with great improvised melodies. Count Basie ending, very conclusive ending

Sexy Blues

Blues music recorded on piano with great bluesy melodies. This music track is slow, sensual, smooth and warm

You are Sensual

Sensual latin music track featuring percussion, piano and bass. Medium tempo with warm piano melodies this music will fit well for romantic, sexy and joyful situations.

Touching Atmosphere

Climatic acoustic music track, very soft and slow. This music will be great for caring, soulful, sensitive situations. Great music for documentaries, landscapes, credits, and any situation where images flows in a tender way
Yann Keerim