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“Awakenss” is a Emotional, soft and peaceful cinematic track with an ambient, atmospheric and soothing feel. Great for emotional film scenes, trailers, documentaries, and other audiovisual media

Euro Dance Party Time

"Euro Dance Party "is a Upbeat and Modern, energetic electro-pop Euro style dance club,This track is full with electronic and hi-tech EFX, synth sweeps, stabs and rhythmic effects. Works well for fashion, MTV, catwalk, club, dancing, technology, party.

The Spartan Warrior

“The Spartan Warrior” Is a big and heroic theme that is ideal to fit for any epic war scene with spartan warrior !

The House Of Fear

“The House Of Fear ” is a dark,deep and dissonance horror piano melody.

Open Wild

“Open Wild” is a mysterious, suspenseful. Perfect for trailers advertising sci fi or modern warfare games and films.

A Sad Story

“A Sad Story” is a very romantic,sad,soft and gentle piano improvisation.

The Forgotten Forrest

“The Forgotten Forrest” this one is a soft ambient atmosphere track,with a soft quite low beat under a nice flute melody 

Warm & Soft Chimes Logo

“Warm & Soft Chimes Logo” is one of my many short bells logo cues ,Ideal to use in identification, branding, podcast, or broadcast And Apps 


“Sparks” is a mellow ,calm track with a soft and a relaxing Texture with a dreamy piano.

Just Relax

“Just Relax” is a soft ,cool and relaxing tune with a smooth Ukulele strumming .

Bright Sky

“Bright Sky” is a filmscore/cinematic. Sad, Dramatic, Peaceful/Calm, Sorrowful, Emotional. Strings, Piano. Drama. Touching, delicate and mellow, romantic acoustic piano with bells . Love and relationship, eternal friendship, caring/caressing. Hopeful/Heartwarming, relax..

Drums Of War

“Drums Of War” includes a a big flute that plays an heroic melody with a huge drum beat in the background, this conjures up images of a victory in war! Can you imagine it when you hear it ?

Growing Up

“Growing Up” Is a track that Intensifies from the beginning till the end, built up from these three main sections: 1. Soft ambient atmosphere+Fx. 0:00 —> 1:04 2. Far and big drums loops. 1:04 —>2:05 3. Special boys choir arrangement. 2:05 —> 3:24

The Investigation

“The Investigation”Track is a very suspenseful, atmospheric and a scary track. Ideal for Investigation scenes also for games and film scoring ,etc…

Funky Spy

“Funky Spy” is a retro funky spy theme ideal for any investigative, comic and fun, dark humor with muted guitars and percussions. 


“News” – This track was made in informational background style for brodcasting and TV news. Stock market, weather report, news and other way that you could use this music for yours commercial projects.. It is also great for games, television, corporate, film, movies etc..

ChildHood Memories

“Childhood Memories”is a touching, delicate and mellow, romantic piece.smooth and gentle acoustic piano. Love and relationship, eternal friendship, caring/caressing. Hopeful/Heartwarming,relax,sentimental music.


“Mirrors” is a Touching, emotional and sentimental underscore piano track for film, TV or other media. Personal reflection, introspection, sadness,soundscape

Things Are Changing

“Things Are Changing” – Is there is something mystical and creepy coming out of the dark. Are you scared? Suspenseful, instrumental, a great atmosphere music for tv, film, video, game, ad. and a perfect underscore track for all drama.
Yann Keerim