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My name is Pavel (DepasRec). I am a composer from Russia. I write instrumental background music mainly in the style of cinematic, corporate, classical, pop, electronic, children's music. The different moods of my music: inspiring, motivational, positive, optimistic, funny, emotional, romantic, sad, dramatic, etc.

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Dramatic suspense cinematic background

Disturbing dramatic background with a crying violin and the growing tense atmosphere.

Cinematic dramatic rising orchestra background

Beautiful dramatic rising orchestral background with upbeat atmosphere and a variety of tools.

Inspirational fantasy background

Beautiful acoustic background theme, giving peace of mind, inspiration and a positive attitude.

Dramatic inspirational piano (sad orchestral theme)

Sad dramatic piano theme with orchestra, which keeps in suspense from the first note until the end and the perfect backdrop for dramatic video.

Mystical cinematic horror suspense background music

Mystical music experimental horror, with tense atmosphere and deep tools, plunges into a dark unknown world.

Documentary piano background music

Easy documentary background music with piano, strings and bells. Suitable for any application.

Corporate motivational background

Positive motivating composition with guitars, piano, strings and percussion, creating an atmosphere of success, corporate achievements and happy mood.

Acoustic uplifting positive background

Uplifting acoustic theme with different instruments and creating a slight positive atmosphere in any scope.

Dramatic film disturbing background music

Provide dramatic tense music with dark piano, bright strings and heavy in the tense atmosphere. Can be used in a variety of dramatic videos or movies and other things, everywhere. Thank you for becoming my music.

Inspiring motivational upbeat acoustic theme

Cheerful motivation acoustic theme with piano, electric guitars, strings and drums, energizes and inspires for new achievements. Has a very wide scope.

Upbeat motivational background music theme

Cheerful upbeat lively music with a bright piano, soft guitars and a strong beat. Perfect for motivational videos for any purpose.

Inspiring piano background

Light inspirational piano background with a good peaceful ambience and uplifting.
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