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My name is Pavel (DepasRec). I am a composer from Russia. I write instrumental background music mainly in the style of cinematic, corporate, classical, pop, electronic, children's music. The different moods of my music: inspiring, motivational, positive, optimistic, funny, emotional, romantic, sad, dramatic, etc.

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Dramatic piano (Sad optimistic background)

Dramatic piano paced story with different tools , ideal for video sequences with disturbing dark atmosphere.

Calm ambient (optimistic expectations background)

Peaceful surroundings with beautiful atmosphere and pleasant tools. Plunges into a state of anticipation and balance.

Optimistic and hope (film score, groove rock, action background)

Charged experimental music with guitars, strings and piano, supplemented by drums. Can be used as the music in the film and other projects.

Cinematic emotional epic theme

Optimistic emotional movie theme with nice tools and a warm atmosphere.

Cinematic dramatic big band orchestra background

Beautiful orchestral composition with descents and ascents, various instruments and dramatic atmosphere.

Emotional piano background (optimistic, inspirational, hopes)

Sorrowful emotional piano composition with a feelings atmosphere and sadden mood. Combined with dramatic, sad, social videos, slideshows, commercial projects, etc.

Dramatic episode (cinematic emotional)

An exciting emotional musical composition with piano and strings for dramatic scenes or films.
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