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World Of Ice

An uplifting piece of music played by orchestra and piano. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with mountains, ice nature and travel.

Positive Mood

A positive, light, rhythmic and invigorating track. Melodic synthesizer parts, soft bass, well-coordinated drums create a single positive mood and motivation. It will perfectly emphasize videos about travel, corporate videos, videos for TV shows and just cool projects.

Stadium Stomps Intro

Powerful intro energetic intense dynamic stomp. Perfect for trailer, intro, opener, teaser, promo, film, event, slideshow, movie, documentary, sport video. Instruments: stomps, claps, drums.

Love at first sight

A wonderful composition of piano and strings, which creates a happy atmosphere and a mood of love. Combined with happy, festive projects, romantic and soulful videos, social themes, slide shows, etc.

Love disputes

An emotional composition of piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of feelings, emotions and sentimental mood. In combination with sentimental, calm, sad, dramatic, social videos, slide shows, etc.

Big heart of love

A calm piano composition that creates a sensual atmosphere and a romantic mood. Combined with love, tranquility, romantic videos, commercial projects, animation, slide shows, etc.

Birds of Paradise: Meditative Journey

This meditative ambient clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corporate presentations, backgrounds, motivational videos, TV shows, infographics, animation,...

Funny valentines

A light piano background with a cheerful atmosphere and a happy mood. In combination with festive, cheerful, positive, happy videos, commercial projects, etc.

Frozen Love

A calm piano composition that creates a sensual atmosphere and a sad mood. Combined with nostalgic, calm, sad, social videos, animations, slide shows, etc.

Loyalty to feelings

A calm composition with piano, strings and guitars, that creates a sensual atmosphere and a romantic mood. Combined with love, tranquility, romantic videos, commercial projects, animation, slide shows, etc.

Snowboard Show

Let’s go to the break! Snow, mountains and of course snowboarding. Beautiful tricks, jumps and falls. Beautiful girls, informal guys, bright clothes, energy and everything that makes life brighter. We present our new track, which conveys all these emotions. It’s a mixture of Punk, Hip-Hop, Trap ...

Final Lap

Action track with guitars, bass, drums and FX’s Perfect for action videos, sports, racing, box and other extreme videos.

Perfect Day

Rhythmic indie rock composition. The catchy riff and melodic chorus make this melody unique. Suitable for advertising glamorous fashions, perfumes, clothes, phones, etc. Easily edited for any video segment. There are two versions in the archive: Perfect Day Short Version – 0:34 sec Perfect Day –...

Rock Intro

BMP: 150 Stylish Energy Rock Trailer Intro Action Sport Rock Hard Energetic Background Music Intro Opening Energetic, sport rock music for commercial projects. Perfect for: sports video, game trailer, youtube videos, advertisement, slideshow, vlog and any project that need dynamic mood and ene...

Happy Upbeat Corporate

This track will perfectly fit for inspirational videos and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, nature videos and photo slideshows,commercials, corporated videos, movies and more.

Hip Hop Trap (Will Power)

This track is perfect for any promotion, commercial, advertising video, travel video, showreel video, tiktok video, instagram stories, bmx and skate video, clothing video, footwear advertisment, youtube clip, photo collage and slideshow, underground culture, rap video, urban and street lifestyle vid...

Music Background

Calm, soft optimistic music with delicate piano, strings, mute guitar, ambient electric guitar, cool synths, bass guitar and smooth drums. Perfect for tutorials, educational videos, innovation, slideshows and presentations.
Yann Keerim
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