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Worlds Apart 2022

An ethereal acoustic singer songwriter pop track about love and longevity. Dreamy and dramatic with acoustic guitars, piano, ambient textures, cinematic percussion, and orchestral and electronic hybrid elements. Great as soundtrack, theme, or underscore for tv/film and social media

Energetic Synthwave

An electronic track with an energetic vibe inspired by 80s music. Perfect for video games, game streams and reviews, sci-fi, cyberpunk videos and artwork, technology presentations, historical videos on the 80s, cars and driving videos, sports and racing music videos, documentaries.

Amazing Travel

Life-affirming, positive, joyful Pop dance for travel, carefree rest and love. Tropical Lighthouse. Sea, sun, friends to catch the happy moments of life. Light, playing parts of the synthesizer combined with a rhythmic groove and soft bass.

Summer Of 85

Synthwave retro track with happy summer vibes. Sampled vocals, synth arps, drones, and leads, bass, 80s guitar, and 80s electronic drums. Great for tv/film underscore, period programming, drama & lifestyle content, and vlogs.

Uptempo electronic track

Head back in time with this uptempo electronic track featuring eighties synthesizers and a drum machine. Great for TV, Film and Video Games in need of that retro sound.

Robotic Technology

80's style music with brilliant sounding synthesizers, ideal for innovative corporate video projects, tech research, etc.

Android's Cry (West End Nights)

Retro-futuristic take on a dystopian scene: androids by now have taken over a planet ravaged by their former inhabitants. Cut to scene 2: one of the androids who works for the garbage collection, one day finds a deserted place with something that reads "jukebox". Out of curiosity, they get it to pla...
Yann Keerim
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