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80s Synthwave Electro Pop

Uplifting and motivational audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project! This track featuring piano, muted guitars and pluck synths. Suitable for any business projects, vlog, promo, commercial, identifier, logo reveal, animation, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.

Chill LoFi Hip Hop

A chill LoFi beat featuring a groovy beat, warm keys, and a vibing melodic lead. It is excellent background music for Youtube videos, vlogs, advertisements, compilations, and more.

Future Memories | Modern Upbeat Synthwave Pop |

This is a modern disco pop track that blends nostalgic 80's synths, energetic guitar riffs, and driving beat to create an uplifting and inspiring sound. This track is perfect for commercials, presentations, and videos that require an energetic and motivational vibe.

Midnight Synthwave

This futuristic synthwave track is inspired by 80’s and played by analog retro synths,drum machines and soprano sax. It is perfectly sufficient for game video, presentation, movies, slideshow, time-lapse, commercial, advertising, games, as a background music in blogs (instagram, youtube, vimeo, fa...

8-Bit Heros Logo

A playful, bouncy 8 bit track. Heroes of 8 bit games, they are so cute. Playful and fun track for your videos. Let’s create together!

8-Bit World

An 8 bit game and a whole world of games from this era. What a great time it was! This track has positivity, movement and even speed. A playful and melodic track for your videos. Let's create together!

Old Synthwave

Melodic track in retro dance style 80s all knowledge as retrowave or synthwave. Plunge into the atmosphere of the night city, neon lights and hot summer sun on the beaches of the Miami. I used the sounds of vintage drum machines, analog synthesizers.

Nostalgic Wavy 80s Synthwave

An wavy, nostalgic, retro, dynamic 80s synthwave royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, 80’s bass, DX7 and efficient powerful beats, best for ads, retro visuals, tech, documentary, night ride, spatial theme, timelapse videos, 80s aesthetics and artistic related content !

In A Digital Universe

Cyberpunk trailer is powerful, energetic, hard, industrial music track. Best for extreme sports and workout video, gym video, cyberpunk projects, commercials and presentations, car advertising, retro-futuristic and sci-fi films, animations and games, youtube and vimeo movies, dark electro background...
Yann Keerim
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