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little james bond

Unique sounds . Suspenseful ,funny , freaky , bizarre , tempo driven. For Comedy and Animation

Tension Horror background Cinematic Sound Design

Horror synth background & scary sound design for a creepy and sinister atmosphere or thrilling emphasis. You’re on the edge and something will happens… Easy to cut in “fade in” & “fade out”. Available in: main version / no percussions. Crime Espionage Gangster...


A playful track, driven by bells and chimes. Whimsical and magical. Light and airy like the flight of a firefly this track is prefect for advertising and children's programming or a dream sequence.

Shut Up

Powerful, cool and groovy rock with expressive drums, energetic electric guitar riffs and bass.

Playing Chicago (Blues Rock)

Bluesy, 1960's guitar driven instrumental with the swagger of a young Elvis. Reminiscent of a smoky bar & club with the band jamming away on stage. Great for advertising, a movie scene, corporate promotion. Cool, hip, old school. Bar, club scene, double bass, grooving to the band.

Who's Afraid Of The Dark (Dramedy)

A whimsical, playful track with pizzicato & staccato strings conveying a sense of child-like wonder. Would be equally at home in a children's show, dramedy or corporate advertising for cars, electronics or medical. Great for use in a fairy tale movie or where a pure, organic feel is required.

Triumphant (Orchestral)

Big, bombastic track painting a picture of a King's court in medieval times. Big brass gives a feel of power and grandeur. Equally at home depicting a battle scene or power that comes with the corporate world. Great for advertising where a feel of dominance or dominion needs to be portrayed.

Long Road Home (Orchestral Score)

Dramatic, orchestral piece evoking feelings of returning from the battlefield to loved ones waiting at home. The agony of defeat mixed with hope. Equally at home in a civil war film or modern day. A powerful mix of strings and horns makes it ideal for advertising or promotion with a sense of loss.


Echoed piano and orchestral strings combine to create a delicate, melancholy track. Hope and remembering intertwine. Equally sad and hopeful. Dreaming of what could have been and remembering what was.


A slower track with building tension invoking feelings of being chased and hunted down. Perfect for a crime thriller. Great for any scene where a feeling of fear needs to be conveyed. Dark, scary and tense. Would work well in a spy movie or espionage thriller. Cold and lonely.

Secret Agent

James Bond meets Jason Bourne in this track. Orchestral and synth elements build drama and intrigue. Great for trailers, video games and projects that need a ‘spy’ theme in a distinct cinematic style.

Missing (Solo Piano)

Simple, melancholic, piano track. Missing a loved one, loss and mourning. A Soldier in a distant country and relationship over. Sadness, missing home, losing love, hope & prayers, remembering.

Espionage (Tension-Spy)

A tense instrumental with orchestral instrumentation and synths. Equally at home in a thriller, spy caper, action movie or sci-fi this track would also work well in corporate and advertising conveying a sense of drama, urgency and tension. A little air at 0:58 leaves room for voice.

Europa (Trailer-Score)

A powerful, epic, instrumental piece. Dramatic string sections, drums and brass with some modern hybrid elements lift this piece. Great for a trailer or medieval battle scene underscore. Uses also include sports, advertising, corporate & medical.

Remnants (Melancholy)

A lo-fi, lush piano and slide guitar along with mournful pads combine to create a delicate, melancholy track. Hope and remembering intertwine. Equally sad and hopeful.

The Locket

Poignant, melancholy piano & cello Sad track conveying feelings of a breakup or missing a loved one.

Battle Hymn (Epic Orchestral)

A powerful, epic track with choir vocals. Dramatic string sections & big drums make this a brilliant track for promotions. Great for a trailer or medieval battle scene underscore. Perfect for sports, advertising, corporate & medical. Slower, melancholic strings help build movement & feeling.

The Winter Comes (Orchestral)

A powerful, epic, instrumental piece. Dramatic string sections + huge drums lift this piece. Great for a trailer or medieval battle scene underscore. Great for sports, advertising, corporate & medical. Melancholic strings give a sense of a long, return from battle.

The Adventure Begins (Adventure-Pirate)

A rousing dramatic piece full of movement and adventure. Perfect for a pirate movie or chase scene. Great movement through different passages creates a swashbuckling feel. Big drums, building sections and lively string arrangement makes ideal for advertising & promotion, corporate & big screen alike...

Haunting Winter Snow

Close your eyes and let this gorgeous orchestral soundtrack captivate your imagination, with images of frozen snow settled on still pine branches, the chill winter air turning to crystals in the perfectly still air. This white Christmas atmospheric collage of textures and beauty paints the magic of ...
Yann Keerim
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