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Quirky Halloween Acoustic Folk

Weird and funny folk halloween tune suitable for underscoring, westerns, mystery and comedy. Featuring instruments: Acoustic guitars, strings and theremin.

Funny Halloween Comedy

Playful and funny Halloween track suitable for comedy, cartoons, circus, animation and quirky backgrounds. Featured instruments: Pizzicato strings, woodwinds, pipe organ, tuba and percussion.

Uplifting Upbeat Pop

Uplifting EDM track, This track will perfectly fit for inspirational videos and motivational videos, YouTube videos, TV, nature videos and photo slideshows,commercials, movies and more.

Pulp Gang

An instrumental retro blues style track with a Funky vibe. Inspired by 70s cult cinema.

Casino Groove

An instrumental repetitive Funky style track with an elegant Heist film vibe.

Deep Wine

An instrumental Soul style track with a dominant piano and brass arrangements. With a groovy, darkish and sensual vibe.

A Halloween

A scary but yet funny royalty free Halloween theme, perfect for media projects with themes of Halloween holiday, fun, party, scary stories or audio books.

Young Wild and Free

Young Wild and Free is an energetic fun rock background music track with uplifting guitar riffs ,powerful bass and drums with whistle,glockenspiele and accordion.

You are welcome

Pop funk medium tempo track with groovy feel, jazzy chord progression, drum, bass, electric guitars and electric piano. This track would be perfect for TV infomercials, TV reality shows and video presentations.

Rhythm of the heart

Pop track with a bright and happy attitude. This track would be great for happy and positive scenes.

Pure joy

Happy joyful pop track with easy going feel that would be great for kids, TV commercials and video presentations.

Kid game

Happy and fun corporate track perfect for kids and games.

Having fun

This track has a bright and positive attitude with elegant piano lines that would be perfect for simulation, role playing and strategy.

Happy and grateful

Happy electro pop track with modern synths and uplifting groove that would be great for TV reality show and infomercials.

Funny kid

Joyful corporate track, perfect for kids, role playing and simulation.

Fun fuse

Funky fusion track with pop atmosphere, electric guitars and uplifting groove. This track would be perfect for TV commercials.

Don't know

Fusion lounge track with modern jazzy chord progressions and uplifting groove that would be perfect for documentaries and video presentations.
Yann Keerim
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