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Future Deep

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Future Deep Future energetic electronic track for your video/Youtube production, advertisements, slideshow, television broadcasting, business presentation, podcasting and more.

Hip Hop Loop

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
“Hip Hop Loop” – Upbeat fresh edm hip-hop track for your video production, slideshow intro, advertising, television broadcasting , games and more…


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Technological corporate motivational music track for video production, advertising, business presentations, television broadcasting, slideshow and more…


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Abstract commercial minimal high-tech track for your business project, video, fashion, slideshow, beauty, television broadcasting and more…


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Acoustic uplifting folk track for you video presentation, slideshow, advertising, television broadcasting and more… Thank you !

Big Band Jazz

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Big Band Jazz track featuring full jazz orchestra, brass, piano, upright bass and claps. Excellent for slideshow, commercials, animation, youtube videos, television broadcasting and another projects.

Blockbuster Trailer

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Epic cinematic blockbuster trailer soundtrack for your best quality video presentation, advertising, film, or television broadcasting. Zip.File includes two versions: 1.) Blockbuster Trailer _ Full V – ( 1:47) 2.) Blockbuster Trailer _ Short V- ( 0:27 )

Christmas Ad

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Christmas uplifting music featuring bells , orchestral percussion, strings, brass . Perfect for christmas video presentation, advertising, slideshow, film , radio, television broadcasting.

Claps & Stomps Percussion

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Upbeat percussion track featuring stomps, claps and bongo. Great for video production, sports, television broadcasting and more…

Clock Transformation

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
“Clock transformation ” – Powerful trailer soundtrack featuring sound effects. Great for video production, advertising, Youtube videos, games, television broadcasting, podcast and more…


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Business corporate technological track featuring muted guitar, guitar harmonics, shakers, tambourine, electric piano. Great for commercials, television broadcasting, podcast, real estate , business presentations, slideshow and more…

Corporate Adventure

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Corporate Adventure is perfect track for business presentation of your company, advertisements, calming dynamic slideshow, great background for television broadcasting or Youtube videos. Instruments: Guitar harmonics, muted guitar, piano, shakers, tambourine, claps, bass guitar, strings and boys ...

Corporate Tech

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Corporate and inspiring motivational track featuring guitar harmonics, muted guitar, piano, cello, bass and drums. Great for video production, advertising, television broadcasting and more…

Electro Technological

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Technological corporate track for your business presentation, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting, video production and more..


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Epic orchestral and inspiring trailer featuring full symphonic orchestra. Excellent for film production, advertising, podcast, television broadcasting, slideshow, sports, video games and more… Similar Composers: Hanz Zimmer, Two Steps From Hell, LiquidCinema, Audiomachine

Epic Action

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Epic Action and inspiring trailer featuring full symphonic orchestra. Excellent for film production, advertising, podcast, television broadcasting, slideshow, sports, video games and more…

Inspiration Harmonics

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Inspirational guitar harmonics track with energetic and uplifting instruments. Perfect for video production, radio, advertising , television broadcasting.

Inspiring Pianos

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Inspiring cinematic piano track featuring strings, orchestral drums and grand piano. Great for video production, movies, advertising, television broadcasting, podcast and more…

Inspiring Warm Piano

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Inspiring piano melody with beautiful acoustic strings. Perfect for video presentation, slideshow, advertising, wedding, television broadcasting, film and more. Purchase includes two versions: Inspiring Warm Piano – ( 2:34 ) Inspiring Warm Piano ( No strings )- ( 2:34 )


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Cinematic and inspiring piano tune for video presentation, advertising, movie, television broadcasting and more…

Piano Background

Warm and gentle background piano track for your film production, weeding, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more…
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