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Luxury Lifestyle

This is an funk upbeat track for travel, documentary, game, landscape, soundtrack or TV show using saz , electric guitar and bass with funky drums and brass.

Epic India

Epic and inspirational India theme. Perfect piece for exotic presentations, documentaries, trailers or movie scenes with aerial shots, montages or anything in need of showcasing world wonders. It features and introduction with Indian Instruments and voices and continues with an uplifting adventure.

Streets Of Bombay

Bright indian music with traditional ethnic instruments (sitar, bansuri, tanpura, tabla, veena) playing on a cool funky groove. With influences from Bombay bhangra music the track has a cool contemporary sound and it's perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, commercials and film cues.

Flavours Of India

Fascinating Indian music with a cool chill out vibe. The track features traditional instruments of hindu music (sitar, bansuri, tabla, veena, tanpura) creating an enchanted, idyllic atmosphere. An exotic and relaxing musical trip perfect for documentaries, films and yoga related productions.

Bombay Night

Solid percussion with ambient sweeping synths. Slight African or rainforest feel. Very atmospheric.

India Sunrise

Motivational world music background track in style of Indian music. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, commercials and any ethnic oriented presentation.This track features tradition instruments as tabla, bansuri, santur, dholak and several other modern.

Sirocco (Cinematic World Middle Eastern)

Middle Eastern & Indian feel. Equally modern and ancient. A track that invokes feelings of the desert sands stretching to the distance.
Yann Keerim
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