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My name is Yevhen Lokhmatov, I`m a freelance music composer and sound designer. Working with companies from around the world. Making music more than 20 years.

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Happy Childhood

Here is fairy childish mood in this track. You can hear strings and bells, piano and acoustic guitar, a lot of percussion and double bass. This light-hearted mood track best suited in cartoons and child oriented fairytales films, nice and gentle family videos and commercials. Cheerful melody will be...

Cinematic Pulse

Abstract cinematic music theme. You can hear bass pulse, a lot of percussion and sound effects, hits, strikes, wooshes and subtle effected strings. Best for tense part of films, documentaries and video games.

Emotional Romantic Piano

Emotional piano composition with strings section. Mood – romantic, sentimental, lovely, dreamy and a little bit sad. Best for cinema, documentary, social projects, wedding videos and love story slides.

Middle East Logo 2

Middle East style music logo/intro. You can hear strings, saz and chimes. Great for presentation of middle east companies, travel agencies and video bloggers.

Positive Cinematic Rock

Down-tempo and atmospheric cinematic rock music track. You can hear acoustic guitar, strings, drums and quite a bit of synths. Mood of track is romantic, melancholic and optimistic. Best for using in cinematic projects, indie films as a love theme, cartoons, storytelling and wedding slideshows.

Indie Pop Rock

Uplifting and fresh sounding indie pop rock theme. You can hear not only standard guitar-drums-bass set of instruments, but also dobro and bouzouki! Arrangement is spacious enough for voiceover and enough dynamic for action videos. Mood is positive, optimistic and inspiring.

Abstract Chill Relax Hip Hop

It`s a futuristic track with organic glitch hip hop beat. You can hear groovy jazzy downtempo creative percussion and foley , dreamy abstract synths with long tails and short pluck sounds. This music track is best for fashion video, urban human media, future technology presentation, creative typogra...

Urban Hip Hop

Groove and dance urban hip hop theme with catchy beat, vinyl scratch and vocal chops. It’s good for cars video, modern presentation, sport video, urban video, fashion video, commercial and advertising video, event promo video and more.

Fashion Hip Hop

This easy chill relaxed background hip-hop music track is good for fashion videos, stylish urban slideshow, lifestyle videos, fashion commercial, photography background, summer party background, urban streetwear advertising, luxury car videos and more.

Fun Pop

This track is full of fun, sunny mood. It`s a middle tempo music with straight beat. You can hear strings, lead melody synth, 80s style bells, electric guitar and groovy drums.
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