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Looking At You

Atmospheric, spacey piece with strings and sweeping pads

Keep The Dream Alive

Uplifting electronic dance track with piano, light pads and solid beat

Deep Diving

Tender and dreamy track, with delicate piano, warm pads and soft strings. Perfect for diving videos, sentimental and inspirational projects, wedding videos, travel movie and much more.

Colour Clouds

Inspiring electronic track with soothe atmosphere counterpoints. Perfect for advertising, background, media projects and many more.

Happy Floating Around

Ambient Electronic track with delicate pads, catchy melody and light percussion. Modern, dreamy feel

Galactic Stars

Ambient electronic track with spacey synths and pads.

Free Flowing

Inspirational ambient piece with piano, cool beat and sweeping synth pads

Follow Your Heart

Gentle atmospheric piece with piano, guitar and subtle pads

Follow Me

Ambient piece with delicate piano, flowing pads and cool beat


Atmospheric ambient track with sparse sweeping synth pads

Downtown Core

Ambient Electronic track with mysterious synths and light percussion. Very atmospheric.

Delicate Space

Spacious ambient piece with sweeping atmospheric synth pads.

Breath It In

Delicate, dreamy ambient piece with floating, spacious synth pads. Great for spacey, new age, meditation background music.

Beautiful Angel

Haunting, emotional tune with piano, bells and light sweeping pads.

Tranced Out

Trippy Dance Pop track with solid groove and mysterious pads / synths. Builds gradually throughout...

Searching For Something

Short catchy stinger with solid upbeat groove, piano and pads. Great for commercial or presentation.

Zebra Eyes

"Epic and Dramatic background music. It start off with stylish piano arpeggio and synth voice pad.Gradually,Bass and Drums comes in to build up. Drums plays powerful groove with strings,They creates epic,dramatic feel. This track should work best to add depth and dramatic background to your project....

Uplifting Corp

"Uplifting Corp"is motivational, inspirational corporate music that is consisted with heartwarming musical bed of,Piano Synth Pad, Bass and Fat floor Kicks. On top of that, Beautiful Bell Like synth plays simple and Positive melody. By combination of all,It creates powerful and encouraging Sound th...

Thumbs up

This powerful dance groove should fit as background music to various types of your project. Commercial,Youtube,Video Games,as long as the project require energetic feel to it. This item is the right choice for Background.It start off with filtered sound, like “old radio sound”. It is soon develo...
Yann Keerim
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