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Solemn & Majestic Cinematic Strings

Emotional and solemn orchestral buildup suitable for uplifting and epic projects.

Grand Majestic Ethereal Cinematic

Extremely emotional majestic adventurous cinematic music crafted for commercials including trailers, movies and others.

Majestic Uplifting Cinematic

Epic majestic cinematic music for commercials including trailers, movies and others.

Majestic and Grandiose

This is majestic and great orchestral cinematic music with beautiful and inspiring atmosphere. Main instruments are piano, strings, bells, timpani, electric guitar and bass. There are Christmas feelings and moods in this track which allow you to use it in Christmas projects as well. Nice background ...

Majestic Classical Beauty SHORT VERSION

Grand, elegant classical piece with triumphant, uplifting string arrangements. Gradually builds throughout with added layers, ending with an epic climax!


Pop/Rock style Majestic sounding BGM. Start off with Piano riff and orchestral Strings. Drums and Bass comes in to create groove. 2 distorted electric guitar and beautiful high strings creates climax. Good for game,BGM for Movie etc

Inspiring Classical Air

Energetic and motivational classical orchestra instrumental track, with a dominant role played by strings section and piano. Inspirational mood, fast tempo with passionate staccato strings. Perfect for documentaries, drone footage, visual arts projects, contemporary concepts.

Our Homeland

Ceremonious and wondrous score, featuring strings, brass, flutes, choir and marching snares building up to an epic, adventurous mood. Patriotic and emotional mood, perfect for celebratory videos, military and triumphant sequences.

Emotional & Solemn Orchestral Buildup

Hopeful and inspiring cinematic cue that starts with quiet strings and builds up into a final orchestral climax.

The Essence

The Essence... Epic ambient piano with majestic vocals.

A Star's Life

An 80's inspired, orchestral royalty free music with majestic horns, strings, woodwinds and percussion, best for sci-fi films, game openers or TV series.

Inspiring Discovery

An inspiring piano track that takes the listener on a musical voyage of adventure and discovery. Ideal for commercials, advertisements, film/television and corporate presentations.

Pirate Adventures

A majestic and dramatic orchestral score in the style of epic wars and pirate adventures film soundtracks. Intimidating marching drums and percussions, grandiose string and horn sections make this music perfect for fantasy and action films, tv series or historical documentaries.

Inspiring Music

Beautiful and bright, sentimental and inspiring music for your inspirational projects. Bright acoustic guitar, inspiring melody and majestic strings creates a sensitive and sensual, sentimental atmosphere. It`s beautyful background music is full of inspiration, hope, beauty, love and peace. Perf...

Sunrise Over Earth

Cinematic and dramatic orchestral track, that conveys a sense of awe and wonder.

Power Of Imagination

Passionate and engaging orchestral music score with a strong motivational air and feel of inspiration. Strings, brass section, booming percussions and wonderful cinematic piano for this epic soundtrack.
Yann Keerim
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