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epic electronic 1 vocal

vocal version of the song "Epic electronic 1" inspirational,discovery,future,space,dreamy.....hi tech peaceful

epic electronic 3 vocal

vocal version of the song "Epic electronic 3" inspirational,discovery,future,space,dreamy.....hi tech peaceful

epic electronic 4 vocal

vocal version of the song "Epic electronic 4" inspirational,discovery,future,space,dreamy.....hi tech peaceful

Cyberwarfare (Futuristic Electronic Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Action Trailer Music)

Whether demonstrating a cinematic scene from the cyberpunk future or introducing a hi-tech product, your music choice can make it or break it. This track is inspired by science fiction and crafted to let your audience imagine what the future feels like. Potential use cases; sci-fi movie trailer, ci...

Winter Games Epic Cinematic Sports Anthem

An inspiring modern orchestral track building in intensity and finishing with a powerful and emotional ending. A great track for your sports achievement videos, KickStarter campaigns, commercials, business projects, vacation videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, fashio...

World Of Ice

An uplifting piece of music played by orchestra and piano. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with mountains, ice nature and travel.

General Battle

This is an aggressive, distortion guitar, hybrid traler music. This tune will be fine for media projects with themes of an action movie, trailer or advertising video, extreme sports footage, a powerful and massive video.

Final Lap

Action track with guitars, bass, drums and FX’s Perfect for action videos, sports, racing, box and other extreme videos.


Modern heavy Metal with chuging guitars, FX’s and punching drums. Perfect for trailers, different titles, soundtracks, motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, movies, YouTube, commercials.

Towards The Prize

A dramatic and uplifting royalty free track with bells, piano, orchestral strings, cello and epic drums. Great for documentaries, travel, lifestyle and nature.

Journey To Joy

An inspiring, dramatic royalty free cinematic score, with an airy piano, dulcimer, soaring strings and epic drums. Best for emotional, heroic, or fantasy contents.

Dark Emotions Emerging

A dark, orchestral royalty free cinematic score, with an airy piano, harps, cellos, and dramatic strings. Best for horror games, intros, trailers, or intense scenes.

Epic Orchestral Transitions

These are transitions and stingers that features the sound of orchestral strings and woodwinds. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corporate pres...
Yann Keerim
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