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pride and glory

A grand, rousing, military style victory theme. Patriotic, celebratory and victorious. Like the cavalry coming in to save the day, or a superhero showing up when everything looked bleak. Marching off to victory. Brave Bright Climactic Confident Determined Emotional Excited Grand Good Heroic Honest ...

tragic event

Almost a requiem piece. Emotional, serene and peaceful. Full of sadness but with hope for the future. Would suit any film / dramatic project. Contains strings, bass and drums Atmospheric Bitter Confused Dark Depressed Delicate Disillusioned Dramatic Droning Eerie Emotional Ethereal Foreboding Hear...

jazz trio in the bar

Contemporary jazz trio. Bright and positive, in a laidback way. Piano, drums, upright bass. Bouncy Carefree Cheeky Easy Elegant Flirtatious Friendly Fun Groovy Light

natural products

A light and delicate pop/orchestral track. Feeling fresh, positive, uplifting, good vibrations. Good for commercials, fun holidays, fun and exciting travel and adventure, and much.

crazy sale

Groovy track with fat funky sounds and swinging' rhythm. Funky, Hip-hop/Urban/Rap. Sarcastic, Liquid, Groovy, Cool Piano , Electric Guitars, Big Brass. . This is a short track -- the full length version is only 30 seconds long.

a last look

Thoughtful, wistful, emotional and reflective piece for drama, personal stories, reflection and remembrance. Touching, sincere. Works well as a final statement

after earthquake

Piano, strings, ambiences. Emotional, semi-orchestral underscore for film, TV and new media. Soft, emotional, thoughtful.


Epic and sweeping cinematic track that starts mysteriously and ominously, then builds to glorious crescendo and finally develops into a staccato, hammering, powerful orchestral trailer track. Great material for film trailer, fantasy or sci-fi action, war or conflict. Live orchestral instruments and ...

world travel

This is the world music that combines all the elements and instrumentation from a lot of different countries . Positive , vibrant music , creates positive vibe . If you need track that tell to the world “ We¢re as one “ , “ Human nation celebrate peace on Earth “ , then this track is perfec...

hyper drive

Very sci-fi oriented electro-rock piece that we had trouble finding the right category for. We would probably call it ´Electronic Space-Rock´, featuring sputtering, arpeggiating analogue synthesizers, space echoes, weird spacey sounds, thumping bass lines and an occasional, rock induced, driving g...

evolving mood

A warm and smooth, sophisticated chill out groove. The rather sparse marimba opening is soon joined by the slowly swaying waves of a down tempo beat, lush strings and swirling pads. Excellent for summer time, holiday, vacation and discovery. chill out, chill-out, chill, down tempo, sensual, exotic,...

around the world and fast

Big percussive adventure around the world . High energy drums . Strong bass and electric guitar . Latin America ,China ,Europe, India and other countries come together in this festive composition Drums , percussions , bass , gongs, electric guitars etc

silly walk

Playful and whimsical kids track. Playing around, fooling around and having fun. Quite laidback, as childrens music goes Unique sounds .,funny , freaky , bizarre , tempo driven.

tibet 2

Sparse and beautiful, with meditation bell and resonant pad Atmospheric Beautiful Bittersweet Caring Confused Disenchanted Disillusioned Dramatic Dreamy Elegant Emotional Ethereal Forgiving Graceful Grand Heartbroken Heavenly Honest Innocent Intelligent Longing Loving Meaningful Nervous Passi...

science and technology 3

Futuristic, investigating , with a dark edge. Technology, cutting edge Dark , surreal , ambient

trouble in paradise no piano

Slowly moving, reflective, slightly disturbing modern underscore, with a nervous pulse and mysterious piano notes. Like solving a riddle, searching for clues in a murder case, or dark forensics, crime scene investigation, etc. Perhaps contemplating revenge, or just as a general background for thrill...

ethereal spirit

A full five minutes of uninterrupted, continuous music. Soft, ambient and slightly exotic, featuring floating pads, mallets & marimba, ambient wood flute etc. Very varied throughout, with very little repetition. Dreamy, surreal, Atmospheric Angry Cautious Dark Disturbing

brazil and rainforest

Brazilian jungle influence mixed with electronic music, this is a pretty cool production, suitable for use with jungle or rainforest footage,search and hunting in the jungle, Brazilian Foresti etc. Dangerous Dark Dissonant Disturbing Epic Foreboding Haunting Intense Mean Menacing Mysterious Ne...

silly adventures

This track will take you to cartoon world ! With multiple parts, unique sounds and a cheerful mood. Bouncy Buoyant Carefree Cheeky Cheerful Friendly Fun Funny Happy Hectic Joyful Light Nostalgic Optimistic Playful Schmaltzy Silly Swinging Whimsical

road to rainforest

Beautiful reach cinematic track in the tradition of Enrico Morricone “ Mission “ .Serious and reflective .Could elegantly work with video footage of Rain Forest in Brazil or any other Latin American country . Pose the question of the future of Earth . Atmospheric Beautiful Bittersweet Caring ...

romantic latin guitar

A warm and reflective piece performed on clean acoustic guitar. A poignant, thoughtful, nostalgic, emotional and comforting track, highly suitable for film and media
Yann Keerim