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Valentine In Paris

This is the ultimate romantic track. It features a stunningly beautiful melody played by an acoustic piano. As the song progresses, bass, strings and other sounds deliver a very evocative / cinematic arrangement, perfect for any video or media production in which a sentimental / nostalgic feeling ne...

Close Your Eyes

close your eyes and imagine A desolate landscape, something mysterious in the chilling wind. It makes it's way closer and close slowly but surely. A sense of inevitability, perfect for a subtle touch in romance, peaceful and relaxed scenes.

A New Day Has Begun (All edits)

Slow inspiring orchestral instrumental, driven by expressive strings, piano, brass and drums. Starts slowly, and gradually builds in intensity, with a soft piano bridge halfway through. Could be used in different situations, either in a commercial, corporate video, or TV shows, movies, as the openin...


A dramatic but quirky piece of atmospheric string-based music. Ideal for use in a light-hearted drama or comedy.

Beyond The Horizon

Beautifully and Dreamy soothing epic indie track that gradually grows , emotive guitar lines sing a melody over hypnotic atmospheric textures,Good for nature, fantasy, scenes of flying, serene adventures and lush landscapes on travel videos.

Magnetik (All versions)

Uptempo pop instrumental, with an electronic instrumentation, catchy percussions and drums. Has a modern, lounge sound, with a sensual vibe. Ideal for corporate and promotional videos, or for commercials, either for alcoholic beverages, bars, clubs, or dating services. All edits and versions.

End Of Time (All versions)

Energetic percussive instrumental, with supporting strings, synth and sound effects. Has a military vibe, as well as a science fiction influence. Would fit nicely in movie trailers, commercials, video games or TV shows, during action scenes. All versions and edits.

In The Clouds (All versions)

Evocative piano instrumental, with strings, pizzicato strings and bells. Starts out smoothly, and then gradually gets more dramatic, but still in a soft way. Has a soft, emotional, nostalgic feeling throughout. Would be great for TV or movie underscore, or for a corporate video, presentation, or a c...

1.Let Inside Out

Rock-pop singer-songwriter tune, with acoustic arrangement and emotional, inspirational lyrics.

4.The magic Frog

upbeat and happy acoustic funky singer songwriter tune.
Yann Keerim