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Watching Stars

Slow ballad featuring piano and trumpet. Trumpet mute give an intimate atmosphere. This tender and sensitive acoustic music track will fit well for ambient music

Tender Smile

Background piano music, tender and lovely. Sweet melodies and hopeful feeling

You and the Moon

Reflective piano music, slow, soft and warm. This piano ballad will fit well in sensitive projects

A Peaceful Moment

Gentle piano music. Soft and reflective recorded with warm acoustic sound. Tender music with a sad feeling

Easy Background

Ambient piano music, great for functional music. Easy listening, simple, soft and slow

Don't stop Moving

Retro, old jazzy piano music track. Old style piano playing, very rhythmic and graceful. Happy and motivated

Fast Jazzy Piano II

Motivated piano music, great for positive projects. Jazzy melodies, playful, joyful music

Easy Jazzy Piano

Medium tempo jazzy piano track. Happy and cool this music will be great for positive background music.

It is Simple

Hopeful piano music, great for tender and sensitive situations. Slow and soft acoustic music

Slow and Quiet

Solo piano music with a touch of sadness and drama. Tender, touching music

Touching and Tender

Touching piano music, very warm and soulful. Slow and soft with lovely melodies

Walking Around

Jazzy piano music with traditonal and old mood. Medium tempo, playful and positive

Rainy Seashore

A tranquil, introspective and peaceful track, featuring keyboard pads, synths and acoustic guitar. It's a good background instrumental for TV, documentaries, or any scenes needing music with a calm, reflective and dreamy feel.

Before Sunrise

Nice and romantic track with a classical guitars and a smooth a gentle singer in Parisian style.Well suited for romantic movie projects, video background about traveling,and holidays.

Top Of The Mountain (All edits)

Inspiring instrumental, with expressive synth pads, piano, guitar, synth choir over powerful drums. Starts out softly, and gets more intense as it goes on, and goes back and forth. Has an edgy, contemporary sound. Ideal for montage videos with footage of snowboarding, or any extreme sports, or for ...

Facing Obstacles (All edits)

Driving midtempo instrumental with memorable piano riff, strings, bass and hard hitting drums. Has a slight hip hop influence and a sense of perseverance, determination, as well as hope and achievement. Could be used in TV shows, trailer, web or corporate videos. Could fit in sports videos, for mont...

Open Reflexion (All edits)

Midtempo atmospheric instrumental, with synth pads, strings, expressive piano melody and catchy bass line over electronic percussions and drums. Has a reflective mood, and a slightly futuristic sound. Ideal for corporate videos, or presentations about a company, a product, or a phenomenon.

Running Away (All edits)

Uplifting orchestral instrumental, with piano, strings, guitars and horns, over strong drums and percussions. Starts slowly, and gradually builds up into a more intense instrumentation. Could fit well in commercials, advertisements, corporate videos, to add an emotional touch to a video.
Yann Keerim