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Corporate Piano

Organic piano music, repetitive, uplifting and positive. This music track will fit well for commercial, advertising, spots and documentary projects

Contemplative Moment

Slow piano music, soft and calm. This music track will fit well for ambient and background videos. Mellow and laid back music track

Creative Moment

piano solo, background, documentary, drive, driving, flowing, playful, positive, tv spot, business, corporate, commercial, infomercial, adverts, advertising, videos, light, uplifting, serious, respectful, business

Nostalgia and Candles

Reflective piano music, very slow and sensitive. This music track will be great for deflective, tender, sad moments.

Sad Flavor

Emotional piece of piano music, very nostalgic and reflective. This music is slow, nostalgic with a misterious feeling

Solo with the Piano

Organic piano music, great for commercials and easy background music in video projects. Medium tempo and serious vibration

Thinking About You

Slow piano music, soft and sweet. This music will be great for gentle background music in media projects

Alien Baby

BPM 100 - lead guitar with delay fx, strings and celesta. strange, mysterious yet uplifting

A Walk in the Park

BPM 92 - A quirky tune, featuring, piano, pizzicato strings, xylophone and flute. Playful and a little mysterious.

At the Circus

BPM 150 - a frantic quirky circus tune. featuring brass, percussion woodwinds and strings. In the style of Pee Wee’s big adventure.

Barber Shop Boys

BPM 170 - a fun jazzy, uplifting, quirky tune with male jazz singers doing vocalize.

Chase the Baby

BPM 116 - a fun, upbeat and quirky tune featuring chasing harps and marimba. driving percussions with celesta, xylophone, piano and tuba.

Bumble and Tumble

BPM 84 - a quirky accordion tune with piano, pizzicato strings and percussion.

Clown and Mouse

BPM 160 - a fun, upbeat and quirky tune featuring piano, percussion, tuba and clarinet
Yann Keerim