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A peaceful, calm musical tapestry featuring gentle woodwinds, lush ambient pads,hypnotic keyboard patterns and other sonic colours intertwining with contrasting melodiescreating a beautiful tranquil soundscape. Good for relaxation and meditation.


A fast-paced, adrenaline pumping, cinematic orchestral soundtrack with relentless pounding drums,shifting key changes, exciting racing string lines and intense swelling brasschords. Good for action, adventure, running, danger, suspense and more.

hopscotch and bubblegum

An easy going, carefree and playful childlike mood is created by acombination of woodwinds, percolating percussion rhythms, pizzicato cello and quirky unique slidingsounds. Good for lightly comedic situations and mischievous scenarios of all kinds.

jazz pizazz

An upbeat, fun and playful jazzy instrumental with a zippy little tune playedover a light and bouncy backdrop of bright and cheery synth sounds. Aquirky and innocent little ditty that is good for wholesome lighthearted productions.


Godfather inspired haunting melody evoking a sad and nostalgic, poignant mood. Playedon trumpet accompanied by acoustic guitar in waltz time with accordion interweavinga counter-melody. Perfect fit for Italo-American themed productions and more.

high stakes game

A driving, pulsating orchestral groove that pushes forward relentlessly creating a feelingof extreme intensity and urgency. Suitable music for scenes depicting action, adventure,danger, suspense and survival, be it on land, air or sea.

above the clouds

An upbeat, open and airy orchestral soundtrack with a magical, majesticfeel. Good for soaring panoramic images, nautical and aviation footage, inspiringpresentations, joyful retrospective montages, romance or any positive, uplifting media project.

cairo street chase

After a brief Arabic vocal chant introduction, a low drone segues intoa fast-paced, exciting and intense track that fuses middle-eastern indigenous instruments andexotic electronica with a driving pulsating beat. Good for international intrigue.

adrenaline rush

Electric guitars and exotic percussion fused with traditional orchestral sounds evokea dark, intense mood of heightened suspense in this rhythmically drivingsoundtrack. Good for scenes depicting urgent danger, challenge or risk.

end of story

A dreamy, soft and tender soundtrack featuring gentle woodwinds, slow pulsing piano chords,sleepy ethereal string pads and sparse, splashes of color from harp and belltree. Evokes a sad, melancholy mood good for emotional, touching moments.

dream maker

Bright and happy, uplifting 80's motivational music with a positively euphoricmood that is ideal for inspiring presentations, upbeat commercials, joyful children'sprograms, feelgood entertainment shows or any positive, uplifting media project.
Yann Keerim