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adrift in time

Ethereal, soft and gentle soundtrack with a calming trance-like atmosphere that is idealfor conveying the feeling of drifting or being suspended in time. Will alsowork for peaceful and serene images, quiet reflection and tender romantic moments.

daydream montage

Up-tempo, bright and happy orchestral-pop soundtrack with exciting energizing key changesevoking a positively euphoric mood. Good for upbeat commercials, inspiring presentations,uplifting retrospective montages or any feelgood media project.


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are you game

A mid-tempo, raw and aggressive, 90's alternative-rock track with contrasting parts that dynamicallytransition from soft to loud. Angst ridden attitude with gritty guitars, bass, synthand edgy drums incased in a rough and ready, un-polished vibe.


A fun, playful, and inquisitive childlike mood is created by a quirkypiano melody, peculator percussion rhythms, pizzicato cello and unique sliding sounds. Goodfor offbeat romantic comedies and lightly comedic mischievous scenarios of all kinds.


An upbeat, fun and funky instrumental track with a mischievous and syncopated feel.Creates a happy and friendly, quirky and perky mood good for lightly comedicplayful moments. With electric piano and guitar, percussive organ, bass and drums.

beach ballad

A dreamy and haunting vocal interlude that is ideal for evoking a tender, romanticatmosphere. With a sweet, expressive melody and a melancholic, nostalgic arrangement in the styleof the Beach Boys. Just vocals with ocean and seagulls in the Background.


A slow and serene, emotive soundtrack with high ethereal strings, soft pads anda simple, tranquil theme played on electric piano and guitar. Evokes a calmand peaceful, heartwarming atmosphere good for sincere, tender and touching romantic moments.

sad reflection

A soft, tender minor key ballad with a sweetly sentimental, haunting and melancholyatmosphere that is well suited for scenes depicting retrospection, lost love, regret andmore. With a simple, gentle woodwind melody, guitar, strings, bass and drums.

europa champion theme

Energizing electro-techno track with a fast driving beat and a strong upliftingmelody. Positive upbeat music for building confidence and getting pumped up! Great for sports, fitness, corporate events and motivational activities of all kinds!

creepy crawly fun

A dark, spooky and playfully scary 'it's alive' chamber orchestra piece thatconjures up a fun, sneaky, creepy crawly atmosphere. With piercing string jabs,levitating woodwind chords, low slithering strings, mischievous brass and pizzicato strings.

hurry up and slow down

An upbeat, animated soundtrack with a fun, mischievous stop and go feel. Pizzicatostrings, muted electric guitars and drums give it a playful touch of childlikesneaky suspense. Perfect for crosscutting scenes, romantic comedies and family sitcoms.

full frenzy

Frenzied, adrenaline inducing, frantic soundtrack with a maniacal repetitive pattern thatcreates an atmosphere of rapid, chaotic and disordered, nervous activity. Createsan intense and excited, hyperactive mood good for crazed bizarre behavior.

clear sailing

A mid-tempo, relaxing, open and airy soundtrack that is ideal forevoking a serene, peaceful atmosphere. With rising and falling piano arpeggios,high strings that ebb and flow, acoustic guitar, bass and drums.

weekend warrior

Mid-tempo, riff based, seventies roadhouse track with an infectious and fun, party timevibe. With funky clavinet, rocking electric and bluesy slide guitars, piano, bass, drumsand cowbell. Good for road trips, off road sequences, barroom scenes and more.

daytime drama tv

A solo piano plays a simple and sparse, heartfelt chord progression accompanied by lushtremolo strings, evoking a sensitive, tender romantic mood. An emotive, short segue cue thatis useful for those 'end of episode' or 'to be continued' scenarios.
Yann Keerim