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Marimba Logo 2

“Marimba Logo 2” is just a simple Marimba Short Tune great for any logo

Funky Town

"Funky Town” is a cool and Funky Short muscial passage sound like a track form the seventies

Water Fall

“Water Fall” is an atmosphere track that makes you feel like under a Water fall,Perfect for nature documentaries with an emphasis on water/oceans with wondrous and majestical feel.

The King Of The World

“The King Of The World” Is a very uplifting and optimistic track thats ideal for T.V Commercials, Ads,Apps and Presentations…

An Uplifting Day Full Ver

An Uplifting Day is a soft and bright/uplifting track with a nice and smooth Mandoline riff & acoustic guitars, for a nice and special day where you're mood is positive and outward looking,can used on commercials, TV ads, podcasts and presentations and more.

Diving In

“Diving in” is a short musical pieces which i composed and arranged that inspired from gloomy moods and somber moments.

Driving Away From Home

“Driving Away From Home” Reminds me my journey when im away from home,instruments used:Piano,Strings, acoustic guitar, cymbals and a fretless Bass Gt.

Back To Prison Ver 1

“Back To Prison Ver 1”- This track has a very dark & scary theme, it also have a very threatening atmosphere, you can fit it to any prison or any dreadful scene.

Bad News

“Bad News” Action, Adventure, epic, Crime and Mystery atmosphere ,this track is ideal for any dramatic news and specials announcements.

The New King

“The New King” Is a grand, sweeping, and goosebumps raising theme. Uplifting and amazing, full of life, wonder and promise. Think New World, a new found haven, glorious new adventures, discovering new wonderful worlds of beauty and light. A great track to use for a revelation type film sequence,...

Running Late

“Running Late” its a 80’s sound a like beat with a taste of a dark music club in berlin,its got also a house kick groove and a 80s Harmony pads style in the background.do u feel like party?
Yann Keerim