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body hopping

by Ionics
Positive and very groovy funk/electronic track with funky synth sounds, e-guitar, playful drum groove and nice harmonies. Summerly and modern. Perfect for fashion and lifestyle

leaving everything behind

by Ionics
A sad ballad with a Spanish taste. Touchy guitar solo and gentle piano fillings.

from sunlight to underground pt 1

by Ionics
This is the first part of a very complex modern classics composition. Violins and piano mixed with modern beats and electric guitar. Very evolving and changing tune. An explosion of moods.

from sunlight to underground pt 2

by Ionics
This is the second part of a very complex modern classics composition. Violins and piano mixed with modern beats and electric guitar. Very evolving and changing tune. An explosion of moods.


by Ionics
A very relaxed composition. Consists of strings rich pad, a flute, and small bells. Imagine beautiful green landscape around you with birds singing and the sun shining. Very bright and peaceful.

underwater party vrs 2 pt 2

by Ionics
A cool trance combining various music styles. consists of atmosphere guitar solo and acoustic drums. Catchy melody and dynamic leads.

bardello 1931

by Ionics
You're in a Dark cabaret full of smoke, snobby men and cheap women. The sloppy honky tonk piano will take you back to the 1930's. Life is a cabaret!

rock logo 1

by Ionics
Short rock logo music that can be used for intro or outro

jungle monster

by Ionics
The monster arrives. Uneven beat with interesting samples and funny synth sound as a lead. Accompanied by classical piano chords. An interesting and and experimental composition with a groovy beat.

Sports TV Swing

Positive-playful, lively swing track featuring a classic piano trio. Perfect as opener, e.g. for talk shows, or as film score for romantic comedies.

Remember the Time

Remember the time: Positive, very groovy smooth jazz track featuring a virtuoso-playful solo piano, a funky acoustic guitar, Hammond and a relaxed beat.

Romantic Piano

Romantic Piano: A solo piano as underscore for a dreamy winter day.

the piano of my dreams

The Piano of my dreams: Beautiful, romantic, positive solo piano piece with some slightly contemplative moments featuring a playful and dreamy melody. Perfect as film score!

just 2 far from home

Just 2 far from home: Lively, motivating pop/rock track with a playful hammond organ, guitars and rhythm section. Powerful and positive. Perfect as an opener or intro.

beam my piano up

Very groovy, positive-motivating smooth jazz track featuring a very catchy, playful piano theme, Rhodes, guitar, bass and drums, Reminds of themes of American TV series of the 80s

lovely piano tune

Lovely Piano Tune: Easy-going, playful and dreamy piano solo piece, which conveys a feeling of romanticism and security.

latin dance factory

Latin Dance Factory: Positively motivating Latin- Dance track with driving beat, typical salsa piano motive and fiery percussion and rhythm section. Summer, sun, beach. Party mood!

six guys one woman

Six guys one woman: Positvely romantic ballad with playful organ melody, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Perfect for romantic sceneries.

dreaming wide away

Dreaming wide away: Relaxed, jazzy song with acoustic guitar, piano, bass, organ and drums. Lets the listener dream and indulge in memory. Slow and a bit melancholic.

Beach Cafe

Very relaxed, positive chillout track with some Mediterranean touch, featuring acoustic and wah guitar, Rhodes, a groovy bass, a gentle beat and sounds of the sea. Beach feeling!

billy and the bashes

Cheerfully funny Rockabilly title with guitar, bass and drums. Suitable for quick motion film, chase film, comedy sequences or cartoons.
Yann Keerim