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starting my day

by Ionics
A pleasant and relaxing tune. You can smell the cup of coffee and there is a feeling in the air that it's gonna be a wonderful day. The composition consists of a optimistic piano and an overwhelming acoustic guitar, playing a positive melody.

like a thief in the night

by Ionics
Great short intro for comedies. Vary spacious and rhythmic theme; fun and memorable. Excellent for transitions from one mood to another.

the letter

by Ionics
A sad and slow ambient composition. includes percussion, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Perfect for dark middle-eastern landscapes. Imagine yourself receiving bad news from a family member and taking a trip back to the middle east.

cool down

by Ionics
A cool downtempo electro-grime tune. Big beat with fat and dirty bass theme and atmospheric effects. Suitable for crime scenes

mr furio

by Ionics
A full orchestra composition. Concerto for Piano. A very powerful tune with fat chords and serous mood.

cup of coffee

by Ionics
A slow bossanova track. Featuring piano and classic guitar. The kind of music you might hear sipping your coffee in a cool café on a bright day.


by Ionics
Big beats and dirty electric guitars with distortion. Suitable for spy movies, investigations, action and tension.


by Ionics
A cool and mysterious theme. Sounds like and investigation in a comedy. Featuring a double bass line and a jazzy organ. Suitable for sneaking scenes.

the pride of don pedro

by Ionics
A flamenco piece. Starts with a mellow guitar solo. An acoustic recording with real castanets player and clapping.

dancing with my shaddow

by Ionics
Fairy tale-like classic tune. Magical bells, rich pizzicato strings and a piano are playing an enchanting theme. Suitable for drama and fairy tales.

sky walking - french version

by Ionics
A cool house track. Very fashion TV like. Deep Bass and worm Rhodes chords. The kind of music that makes you wanna take a stroll on a cat walk. Very glamorous.

warewolf hunting

by Ionics
Exciting, menacing-mysterious score track full of action featuring a remarkable bass groove, house beat, dramatic strings, distorted guitars, piano and synthesizers

the hope within your heart

by Ionics
This is a mellow grand piano tune. The semi minor harmony of the chords will give you the feeling of a change that's coming. A hope for a better future. Perfect for you dramatic scenes.

the waiting

by Ionics
This is a nice Dub track with Hawaiian floating guitar chords. Describes these moments when you are bored, don't know what to do and find yourself alone between 4 empty walls.

abandoned spaceship

by Ionics
Dark-space atmosphere. Big distant drums combined with atmospheric morphing strings. You will get a feeling of emptiness. This is how it feels to be left alone in cold space on a huge spaceship.

underwater party

by Ionics
A cool trance combining various music styles. consists of atmosphere guitar solo and acoustic drums. Catchy melody and dynamic leads.

pride of the tribe

by Ionics
Heroic and powerful world music/movie score from the Middle East. Orchestrated with strings, kettle drums, percussions and ney flute. Perfect as a soundtrack for adventures and historically based movies.


by Ionics
Clear piano playing solo. An easy going harmony in a slow tempo. Suitable for dramatic melancholic scenes.

bandits passion

by Ionics
A very melodic tango with Spanish-Italian like influence. Featuring many acoustic instruments. Can be used in comedies and ironic scenes.

careless j walker

by Ionics
A fun and positive tune. Big beat accompanied by a cool piano solo. Bright and major. Very colorful.

body hopping

by Ionics
Positive and very groovy funk/electronic track with funky synth sounds, e-guitar, playful drum groove and nice harmonies. Summerly and modern. Perfect for fashion and lifestyle
Yann Keerim