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A beautiful, complex, very emotional track that starts with just piano and then builds up with cellos, violins, horns, basses and full orchestra. This music is about rising: your ambitions, your awareness, your inspiration, your spirit. That's the kind of atmosphere that you can create with this tra...


This is a highly cinematic, action-packed track, where classic orchestra and modern electronic sounds are smoothly integrated. Perfect for films, advertising, sports scenes or any media production in which suspense, thrill, drama and excitement need to be enhanced.

Scary Halloween

Need a scary background track for your Halloween video? You just found it. Well, not just for Halloween, but for any video in which you need a great suspenseful atmosphere, with lots of different options, from quiet to fully orchestrated, from mysterious to a dramatic crescendo. It can be seamlessly...

A New Hope

A looped composition for ukulele, piano, accordion, acoustic bass and orchestra. The sound is very natural and acoustic. It generates a calm and relaxed feeling. It has a very cinematic quality. It can be used to generate romantic, nostalgic or inspirational atmospheres. It can be seamlessly looped.


A calm, easy track featuring, warm and soft keyboard synths (including vocal pads), piano and bells. It’s a good background instrumental for corporate media or documentaries. It’s also a good travel underscore, and a good TV underscore for calm, peaceful and positive scenes.

Solar Flare

Great for an 80s club scene, party atmosphere. A grooving disco-inspired tune with staccato electric guitars, classic dance beat (real drums, not drum machine vibe), and melodic flourishes. Tight harmonized guitar solos.

I Love You Frog (or Pet) (instrumental)

Great for pet food commercial, animals featured. This song features deftly played acoustic guitars, mandolin and drums. Reminds of Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants

On A Dime

Paul McCartney-esque, kind of 70s feel; lots of acoustic guitar staccato style perhaps hinting at ticking clocks; a rousing rock bridge with acoustic drums kicking in. Very melodic.
Yann Keerim