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I am a music producer who is not limited to the spectrum of a genre; rather one who has a unique blend of R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Lofi, and EDM and expresses it the way it comes to me organically. Over a decade ago I took an interest to music production and started with an EMU MP-7 drum machine and took a few years to focus on developing my production skills. As the years passed I began producing Hip Hop and R&B beats for a few acts and selling beats online. During this time I also began experimenting with various styles including EDM and Electro Pop. Around 2015 I began writing my own material to my productions and also putting out instrumental albums. Since 2017 I have dropped six instrumental albums (two Future R&B, two Lo-fi, one Experimental Soul, and one Future pop/dance); one Indie pop E.P, and two E.D.M. singles. In addition to that I have produced hundreds of other unreleased instrumentals which include rap, country western, ballads etc.. Some of my musical influences growing up include Tupac Shakur, Sam Cooke, Thom Bell, Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones, Journey, Teddy Riley, Timbaland, and Hall and Oates. My exposure to these vastly different genres and sounds have helped to give me an eclectic sound.

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Off Road (Upbeat Country/ Bluegrass Theme Song Instrumental)

This is a country/ bluegrass instrumental. It has an upbeat drum pattern and battling guitars. It sounds like the theme song for a television show set in a country environment with fast paced action. It has a nice swing to it and puts you in the mind of big trucks and speed of the back roads. show l...

Drip (Hip Hop instrumental, mid tempo, Base, Smooth)

This is a smooth mid tempo hip hop/rap instrumental. It is easy going but has a nice synth sound that comes in and gives it balance. It has a cool energetic drum swing.
Yann Keerim
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