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Light piano melody and upbeat sound. Happy and modern corporate music. This would make a good track to use if you want to capture todays modern and popular trend of using upbeat music heard in many of todays pop songs and tv commercial ads.

Echoes of Triumph

“Echoes of Triumph” is a cinematic music created for presenting videos, trailers, epic stories and much more. It’s very motivational music filled with strong and positive energy.

An Unfinished Life

Romantic and emotional track for your motivational and uplifting presentations, advertising, promotional videos, youtube, films, sports…. General mood of this song is reflection, good days, bad days, for the soul, for the heart, love, nostalgic, melancholic and happiness

Epic Cinematic Trailer

Powerful and inspiring cinematic track with strong arrangements and energetic feel. The mood of the track is inspiring and epic. Used instruments: piano, staccato violins, electric guitar, orchestral drums, horns, inspirational overtones, sub bass, rises and hits.

Uplifting and Inspiring Epic

Uplifting, inspirational and positive orchestral cinematic background music which starts with piano theme and turns into powerful epic adventure track. Perfect for any project.

To The Epicness

To The Epicness is an inspiring cinematic music. Epic, emotional and cinematic orchestral music with tracks which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercia...

Successful Technologies

Instrumental ambient music made for synthesizers, guitars and pianos, best for science and techonlogy topics in advertising, documentaries and commercials, most in positive situations.

Epic Uplifting Electronic Motion

Modern inspirational cinematic music for your projects! An epic and powerful piece which will perfectly suit for game or movie trailer, advertising, or any other media projects looking for upbeat, epic and motivational mood.

Happy Epic Violins

Epic and cinematic track with virtuoso violin perfect for all kinds of projects.


Electro track with electric guitar, modern trance and techno sound textures, synths and custom sound effects. Usw it in your corporate tech presentations, fashion and sport promos. Mood:energetic, motivational.


This track features acoustic and electric guitars, synth tones and custom sounding effects, acoustic drums, bass and a lot of energy bringing a positive happy mood.

Successful People

This is a positive uplifting corporate track featuring pop rock instruments like piano drums and bass, strings, pads, acoustic and electric guitars bringing an elegant vibe to your projects. Please listen both versions and choose the energetic rock version 1 or version 2 with a lighter acoustic feel...

Paper Clouds

This uplifting corp tune features acoustic guitars, piano, drums, acoustic bass guitar, bells and claps, fitting well in your corporate presentations, promos and also Tv and radio commercials.

New Horizons

This track is all about powerful emotions. The motivating, uplifting mood makes it perfect for corporate projects, presentations, promos and many more. Instruments used in this recording were the electric guitar, piano, pads, strings, drums and bass.

Motivational Indie

This is a energetic, positive, inspirational, uplifting indie pop rock featuring a classic recipe with instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums and electric bass, pads, synths and sound effects, bringing energy to your projects.

Happy Times

A happy tune with electric guitars, bells, piano, bass, drums and percussion designed for: Motion Picture Advertising, Corporate presentations Video Game Advertising Tv and radio commercials, promos, Media Entertainment & tv programs

Fun Jazz

This is a simple acoustic guitar piece with very exciting guitar and piano melodies, acoustic drums and upright bass. The zip folder includes a second version without the filtered intro part. This track is ideal for corporate use and idents, tv and radio commercials. Mood: happy, joyful, positive.

Best Day Ever

A new, energetic, positive, uplifting pop track featuring a classic recipe with instruments like guitar, drums and bass, but also pads, synths, percussion and sound effects, bringing a lot of energy to your projects. Designed for tv and radio commercials, film, corporate promos.

Alternative Pop Rock

This is an energetic, positive, inspirational, uplifting alternative pop rock tune featuring instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums and electric bass, pads, synths and sound effects.
Yann Keerim
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