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War Action Cinematic

Powerful and dynamic cinematic track that has a war march beat and an emotional melody. It features instruments from a classical orchestra like violins, violas, cellos, trombones, horns, trumpets and percussion. It is perfect as background music for movies, short films, trailers, documentaries, vide...

Phoenix - Epic Hybrid Trailer

This is an epic hybrid trailer. The song starts with an atmospheric deep drone sound and leads to a vocal intro with a long reverberated female voice. After a break the song evolve with fulminat horns, strings ,choir and powerful drums to his epic and dramatic mood. The second break leads to the so...

Fallen Hero - Emotional Cinematic Trailer

An epic-dramatic piece of trailer music. The song starts very slowly with a synth arp, soft strings, a sof female choir and a wonderful solo cello. After a break the full orchestra steps in with markable trombone horns, action drums and female vocals. The song is constantly growing with additional h...

Leviathan - Dark Cinematic Hybrid Trailer

A dark cinematic hybrid trailer with orchestra, powerful drums and bass synths and markable tiktoks. The songs starts without drums and grows with tremolo violas and cello with a break/powerdown to powerful orchestra, drums, cello and horns. This song is perfectly suitable for trailers and dark movi...

Legacy - Next Chapter - Hybrid Trailer

A dark, suspenseful piece of hybrid music. Perfectly suitable for documentaries about environmental damage, climate change, drug absual, crime stories and scenes with apocalyptic mood.
Yann Keerim
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