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237 Your Wings AC2 sept 2

A nice, relaxing and beautiful track featuring percussion, strings, cello, glockenspiel and celesta. A great underscore for any audiovisual project requiring a soft and emotive build up.

236 A Pensive Journey AC2 Aug 19

A soft, calm and relaxing track, featuring ukulele, guitar, percussion and background vocals as well as cello solo and strings. Great asset for any touching and relaxing audiovisual product.

228 This New Life AC2 Jul 30

A very happy and optimistic track featuring glockenspiel, ukulele, percussion, celesta, and strings. A great asset for any motivational production, advertising, film and promo.

Cool Latin Trumpet

Latin music recorded with trumpet and piano, smooth, cool and relaxed. This music will be great for ambient situations and chill, soft moment. Instrumental, acoustic music track

Lonely Night

Soft ballad recorded with trumpet and piano, great for tender, soft, smooth situations. This music will fit well for restaurant, ambient music and background music

Smooth Trumpet

Happy music recorded with trumpet and piano, great for relaxed and fun moments. Latin mood, sexy atmosphere and easy listening

Nostalgic Solo Piano

by Aquilo
Melancholic and calm, this solo piano composition moves the listener and is suitable in a cinematic context, like the end of a sad scene. Sounds like: Michael Nyman, Ludovico Einaudi, Thomas Newman

Corporate Science

by Aquilo
An electronic synth track in a corporate style. Works well in technology / science / or education videos.

Corporate Futuristic

by Aquilo
Corporate technology track with nothing but electronic synth instruments. Very appropriate as background music with a voice-over in a corporate video or a commercial related to technology or education. An uplifting and clean synth with a U2 type delay starts off the track and is later joined by a...

Frail Music Box - Opener

Fragile music box playin a short intro. Usable in movies, films, documentaries.
Yann Keerim