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Joyful Advertiser

Happy and Upbeat music track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, claps, glockenspiel, percussion, bass and drums. Fresh and joyful modern composition perfect for TV commercials, YouTube videos, Corporate and business projects, promos and other uses. It's catchy melody will surely attract customers t...

Feeling Good

Positive and Inspiring rock music track featuring emotional performance on electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion. Upbeat and carefree feeling of summer and sunshine, success and accomplishment. Great for commercials, promotional videos, TV and radio, films, YouTube videos. Successful and uplif...

Eternal Love

Beautiful, touching and heartfelt romantic music piece with inspiring melodies and harmonies featuring uplifting piano, heartwarming legato strings, contemporary percussion and emotional choir. Beautiful music perfect for inspirational videos, wedding videos, romantic and love scenes, photo slidesho...

Emotional Moment

Beautiful and emotional cinematic music piece with inspirational melodies and harmonies featuring uplifting piano, full orchestral strings, choir and glockenspiel. Heartwarming music perfect for motivational videos, wedding videos, romantic and love scenes, photo slideshows, nature documentaries, pr...

Feel The Success

Motivational and moving pop-rock track featuring uplifting piano motives, heartwarming legato strings, emotional staccato orchestral strings, upbeat drums, solid bass and contemporary percussion. Great for a variety of uses including films, TV and radio, commercials, motivational YouTube videos, cha...

Hypnotic Electro Loop

This wild electronic seamless loop is a fire cracker of cool dark energy. The hypnotic melody creates a dramatic but action packed vibe while the bass and drums hit with power. This music is perfect for video games, ads, action, sci-fi, and more.

Pacific Sunrise

This modern world music combines cool elements of island, travel, and corporate styles for a versatile cue. The marimba melodies play a smooth melody while the flute and percussion really give this music life. The music works great for a wide variety of apps including travel, corporate, ads, explain...

Factory Music Loop

A loop with sounding like working in a factory. It has drums and a bass line and it's suitable for youtube videos, intros, outros, videogames and other media applications.


An electronica track with a retro and melancholic vibe. Suitable for youtube, presentations, intros and outros, film and movies.

Commercial Fun

Happy, upbeat and bouncy music track featuring glockenspiel, piano, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Positive, playful and catchy composition that will attract customers with it's simple melody and motivating harmonies and will suit as a perfect background music for a variety of projects including c...

Brave and Fearless

Glorious and triumphant inspirational cinematic music piece featuring full orchestral strings and brass sections, emotional piano, war drums and orchestral percussion. Epic and dramatic composition perfect for movie trailers, video games, sports videos, superhero films, commercials and more. Powerfu...
Yann Keerim