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Epic and mysterious atmosphere in this piece of music, featuring acoustic piano, choir and orchestra. Perfect for trailers, games, movies.


Inspiring, sweet and uplifing piece of music, perfectly suited for wedding videos, romantic videos, photo slideshows, movie themes, inspirational projects, motivational presentations ecc…

Technological Harmony

by nazar
Futuristic, positive & uplifting light industrial underscore. Very Hi-Tech & electronic. Features warm swelling synth pads over moving sequencer phrases alongside a steady beat. Perfect for technology showcase, science, latest electronics, to conference & awards.


Peaceful and lovely background music with smooth floating pads. Great for themes around nature, for documentraries, spa and wellness.

Aurora Borealis

Watch the lights dancing around the sky at night and imagine nature at it’s most beautiful and enigmatic. This orchestral track conveys a magical sense of wonder, with strings and piano in a light rhythmic pattern. Great for timelapse, trailers, travel presentations and video projects.


by hawkey
A slow and relaxing track featuring an electric guitar playing through heavy reverb.

Start Of Something New

This is a heartwarming positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet sequence and slowly swells into an soft electro with huge guitars textures, perfect for productions looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

Inspired Wonder

Calm and heavenly filmmusic with a lovely piano, soft strings and atmospheric pads as well as gentle choir. Provides a feeling of peace, relaxing and tranquility. Great for romantic moments, retroperspective and mindful scenes.

Hold on my Heart

Sweet, gentle, uplifting song featuring a bells melody upon a warm strings pad and an ukulele arpeggio. Perfect for romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows. Suitable for Tv shows, cinema, youtube videos and more!

Inspired Epic Pop

Inspirational Pop Song with a lovely piano, catchy lead synths, pulsating synthesizers and a straight beat. Great for advertising, retrospectives and lifestyle.

Slow and Steady

by hawkey
A laid back bluesy track featuring a guitar playing chords and improvising short licks.

Be Logic

Electro Lounge Logo with spacey synthesizer, relaxing beat and short voice sample. Great for technology, science fiction and themes around universe and space.

Happy Summer

An upbeat, inspiring and optimistic tune featuring piano, ukulele, shakers and bells. It evokes a sense of happiness, warmth and positivity. This great, light-hearted music is well suited for commercials, advertisements, podcasts, presentations, inspirational corporate videos, youtube montages, and ...

Take it Easy

by hawkey
A cool blues track featuring a gritty slide guitar giving equal measures of laziness and attitude.

Children Lullaby

Typical lullaby for kids. Starts with music box (carillon) only, then a soft orchestral arrangement, then returns to a music box ending. Delicate, melodic, in a pefect traditional lullaby style.

Children Lullaby - music box only

Typical lullaby for kids. Here in a version with music box (carillon) only. Available an alternate version with soft orchestral arrangement added. Delicate, melodic, in a pefect traditional lullaby style.


Cute track with a catchy piano theme and a 2-step beat; glockenspiel combined with synth bells and soft strings. Light song for slideshows, corporate videos, adverts, websites and more.

The Beauty Of Spring

Lovely and soft relaxing music with tender acoustic guitar, pulsating modern soundscapes and heavenly string melodies. Sounds touching and gentle. Great for romantic scenes, documentations and as background music.

Silent Destert

Relaxing ambient film music with athmospheric and peaceful soundscapes. Great for meditation, documentations and themes about deserts, nature and underwater.

Cocky (Main Track)

Cocky is a western country track. Perfect for project with confident and relaxed vibe.
Yann Keerim