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Energetic Motivation

Energetic and driving rock track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, upbeat drums and bass. Uplifting and motivating composition great for commercials, new product promo videos, TV and radio, films, YouTube videos and much more. Cheerful, sunny and bright track perfect as a background music for...

Endless Possibilities (Inspired Dance Pop)

Prominent dance pop with a cheerful atmosphere, piano chords, pulsating pads, a subtle bass, SFX sounds and an easygoing beat. Great for club, party and lifestyle.

Hot Drive

Exciting-threatening film score with an aggressive atmosphere, powerful brass, atmospheric sounds, staccato strings and a cinematic beat. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

The Inspirational Horizon

Dramatic, monumental film score with an epic increase, hopeful strings, powerful brass and a modern beat. Ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

Fist In Your Face (Battle Metal)

Energetic, driving cinematic metal film music with fat guitar riffs, modern sounds and a powerful beat. Great energetic music for action and driving scenes or even for extreme-sport.

Easy Day (Positive Summer Ukulele Track)

Summery, positive corporate pop with a playful ukulele, cheerful guitars, light sounds, bass guitar and percussions. Conveys feelings of joy, holiday and sunshine!


Futuristic, gentle breakbeat with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, Kalimbas and dubby voices in the background, modern sounds and a groovy beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

No Rules For All

Cheerful punk rock with a positive atmosphere, playful guitars, percussions, humorous sounds and drums. Gives a good mood and summer feeling.

Technologic Presentation

Futuristic electro with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, SFX sounds and a modern, deep beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

Inspired and Successful

Thoughtful indie pop rock with acoustic guitars, atmospheric pads, a playful e-guitar and a gentle beat. Blithe, motivating and brimful of life.

Funky House

Groovy House Music with a funky guitar and a catchy vocal talkbox part. EDM elements combine skillfully with looser House Music. Ideally suited for Teenage clips, fun sports, summer, sun, lifestyle and advertising!

The Black Planet

Pensive Ambient Breakbeat with great destructive drums and an apocalyptic Flair. Ideal for background music, and moving scenes.

This Is Now And Forever (Instrumental Version)

Modern Pop EDM. Sounds fresh, uplifting, youthful and free! Great optimistic piece for youth, lifestyle and fashion.

This Is Now And Forever (EDM MUSIC)

Modern Pop EDM with haunting male vocal. Sounds fresh, uplifting, youthful and free! Great optimistic piece for youth, lifestyle and fashion.

Move Your Body

by kubed
Big Beat electronic track in the vein of Fatboy Slim and Stereo MC's. Fun and uplifting tune, featuring electric guitar, funky bass-lines, sitar, organ, vocal fx and energetic drum beats. Great for the dance floor, party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows and youth targeted commercials.

Cloud Nine

A delicate and playful track featuring chimes and bells on top of trip hop beats and 'found sounds'. Would work great for kids programming/platforms, 50s suburban pastiche, etc

Bring The Bomb

Energetic trap / hip hop mix with tight dubstep grooves, crazy synths, speech samples and nonchalant beats. Is toward the center extremely fat and with full of madness. Cool sound for youth, party, lifestyle and film.
Yann Keerim