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Future Race

Exciting and uplifting film score with modern synths, dramatic strings and atmospheric elements.Great Impact. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

Coming Home

Atmospheric, smooth news jingle with warm pads and hopeful brass.

The Black Mountain

Monumental and suspense-packed film score with epic strings, brass and choir. Ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

The Silver Wings

Modern, smooth dream house with warm pads, voices in the background, SFX sounds and an energetic beat. Summer feeling, party nights.

Burning Battle

Threatening film score with an increase at the end, an exciting atmosphere, scary sounds, choir, monumental brass and an impulsive beat. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

Enjoy The Day

Happy corporate pop with lovely guitars, a positive piano melody and an easygoing beat. Perfect for TV and commercials.

A Transmission Of War

Exciting-dramatic film score with modern guitar riffs, monumental brass, choir, dramatic strings and an impulsive beat. Suspenseful, menacing and military.

The Cover Of The Magacine

Dance pop with a dreamy vocal, atmospheric synths, floating effects, slightly playful e-guitars and a straight beat.

Orchestral Corporate Intro (Cinematic Epic Inspiring Motivating Advertising)

An epic orchestral trailer music ideal for commercial use, advertisment, company representations and coporate web videos. Positive, uplifting, encouraging, proud, inspirational, patriotic, inspiring, glorious, brave, escalating, confident and motivating. Accomplishing success, building on intensity,...

Eastern World

Exciting film score with an Arabian feeling, traditional instruments, impulsive timpani and a mysterious atmosphere. Suitable for adventure as well as ethnological themes

Wake Up

Emotional pop rock with an optimistic male vocal, dreamy e-guitars, a subtle bassline and a groovy beat. Dreamy, thoughtful and inspirational.

Rock the Fashion

Modern, crazy rock with distorted vocal samples, rocking guitars, driving synths and drums. Music with character for party, youth, lifestyle or film!


An inspiring, positive and uplifting, motivational track. A melodic, emotional and, beautiful piano is accompanied by a lush orchestra and light choirs to convey hope and inspiration. Elegant, emotive and powerful. SIMILAR COMPOSERS: Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams, Two Steps From Hell, Thom...

Nano World

Exciting film score with spherical synths,huge brass, strings, warm choir, and an impulsive beat. Perfect for drama, mystery or suspense!

Call your Name

Positive, inspirational pop with a slightly melancholic atmosphere, a catchy male vocal, spherical synths and an energetic beat. Great for commercials!

Close to my Heart

Romantic film score with acoustic guitars, an emotional violin melody, e-guitar, xylophone and drums. For fateful, romantic and dramatic scenes.

Now We Are Together (A-Version)

Positive electro pop with electric guitar, keyboard, drum beats and exotic female singing. Sounds powerful, optimistic and motivating.

Now We Are Together (B-Version)

Positive electro pop with electric guitar, keyboard, drum beats and exotic female singing. Sounds powerful, optimistic and motivating.

Green Planet

Modern and Epic film score with a herioc feeling, full orchestra, strings, brass, timpani. Great for big adventures. Thanks for listen

Autumn World

Modern, moving film score with a dramatic increase, dreamy voices, staccato strings, epic brass, a fat bassline, piano and a varied beat. Ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

The White Mountain

Cool, motivating electro house with drifty beats, synths, strings, keyboard and voice samples. Sounds modern, optimistic and timeless. The next party hit!
Yann Keerim