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AllwaysHappy-indie upbeat

Inspirational upbeat indie track with electric and acoustic guitars, smooth and positive, lively, great for any background project..

Summer Never Ends

A sweet and tender track made up of a simple repeating piano phrase backed up by an emotive ukulele. Heartwarming and touching. This track would be Great for corporate and business projects, presentations and underscoring cinematic images of life, nature and the world.

Journey to the Stars

by nazar
Play with me is a Joyful, playful children's track. With percussion, piano bells and marimba and orchestra in a very Funny and Sweet mood. Can also be for a children's stage show, clowns or circus act, puppet show etc. Kids fooling around, babies and cartoon,games,Podcast and commercials.

Clear Your Mind

by hawkey
An upbeat dance track featuring acoustic guitars and layered electric guitars. The feel of the track is relaxed and spacious.

Inspiring Holidays

by nazar
Tricky and funny little track with many lovely and surprising turns for a variety of scenarios with fun and playful moods: tricky video games, romantic comedy, family drama films, cartoons. It also has a light, bouncy and positive feel with a whimsical, quirky and mischievous touch.

Inspire Your Day

by nazar
This is the soundtrack for a beautiful day in the sun. It has an upbeat positive good mood created by whistling, guitar, piano, marimba, tuba, and electric organ. Perfect for a children’s or kid’s show, app, film, cartoon.

Inspired to Succeed

by nazar
An uplifting instrumental pop rock track, featuring driving live drums, expansive guitar arpeggios, piano and string sections. It's ideal for use in media where the message of winning and success is paramount, such as corporate presentations, sports, drama, news or websites.

Inspiring Beautiful Dream

by nazar
Upbeat, positive, pleasing and feel-good, this track is about achievement, winning and business objectives. Great for lifting visuals and driving along powerpoint presentations, talks, background music or other motivating, inspiring and positive visuals.

Sad Acoustic Guitars

Light acoustic guitars and soft orchestral arrangement for a sad intense track with melancholy and a bit of hope in the future.

Stars on The Ceiling (Main Track)

Stars on The Ceiling is a track with a happy vibe. Playing with organic and electronic sounds is the goal. Using oboe, flute and acoustic guitars combined with an electronic beat and synths gives to the track a broad sonority.

The kids Box

A happy, playful, and cheerful children song featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitar,percussion , shakers, recorder, toy piano,accordion .

Lets Have Fun

Spanish playful acoustic guitars with a groovy housebeat and humorous beatbox sounds. Sounds fresh, young and happy. Great for youth, teenage, holiday and travel.

Lets Have Fun (No Beatbox Melody Version)

Spanish playful acoustic guitars with a groovy housebeat and playful acoustic guitars. Sounds fresh, young and happy. Great for youth, teenage, holiday and travel.

Growing Up (2 Versions Pack)

Growing Up is a Happy track with an uplifting vibe. Perfect for ads. It has electronic elements combined with some acoustic guitars and percussion. There are two versions included

I Feel All Arround

by nazar
Bright energetic track. It's optimistic, uplifting and very positive acoustic track. It's great for children, for motivation. It also can be used as a background of some projects or commercials. Magic sound of celesta and bells bring easiness and lightness in this track. So it feels like everythin...

I Wish Happiness To Everyone

by nazar
A happy, positive and optimistic song driven by strummed ukulele. Piano and whistle play a happy, shiny melody. Percussion and hand claps create bouncy rhythm. And all this turns to full-band arrangement.

Crescendo ( 2 Versions Pack )

Crescendo is an Exclusive track. Perfect for your media projects. uplifting, relax, soft, bright, inspirational track with piano, acoustic guitar, strings, Vocals and Electronic spirit.

Happy Meals

by nazar
This track is very warm and uplifting. It has a very positive and loving feeling and has a gentle freshness trough out. It invokes positive memories and feelings of love, happiness and contentment. That inner smile you have when you do something nice for somebody you love or when you see your childr...
Yann Keerim