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A Summer Day

Joyful and uplifting summer song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, whistler and piano. Motivating mood for every commercial, promotion video or any other motivational content.

Bring Me Joy

Easygoing Acoustic Folk Pop with a catchy melody and distinctive female vocal. Conveys motivation, vitality and lightness. Ideally suited for image movies, Corporate -Product Presentation, TV and especially advertising!

Beauty In Front Of Me

Positive and warm song with acoustic guitar arpeggios, bells, harp and soft strings. Brings a gentle and hopeful sound in every project.

Conceptual Vision

Optimistic and positive song with piano combined with synth arpeggios. Suitable for corporate videos, slideshows, presentations, on hold and many more.

Inspired And Powerful Dubstep

Inspirational and hopeful Dubstep with floating modern synths, groovy vocal chops and a massive beat. Perfect for image movies, presentations, big pictures and hopeful scenes.


Soft house track with catchy vocal chops, floating chords and an hopeful athmosphere. Great for youth, lifestyle and presentations.

Forest Whispering

Emotional arrangement of strings, medieval lute, vocals, choir and flute. Perfect for stories of elves and princesses, knights and heroes.

Urban Summer

Relaxed urban song with a catchy vocal synth and friendly bell melodies. Cool and light background for many applications like corporate videos, slideshows, imagefilms and more.

Touch the Light

Hopeful song with light and warm acoustic guitar arpeggios, piano and bell sounds. Hearthwarming mood for many projects like, commercials, slideshows, social media and much more.

Mono No Name

Lush gentle pads, piano and ambient vocals form the core of this track. Ethereal, serene and emotional. Perfect for somber/bitter sweet scenes, relaxationm spa, etc.

Swing and Smile

Happy and light popsong with ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano and bells. Perfect for commercials or any children related project and many more.

Hello Blue Sky

This is the perfect feel-good track. With an irresistible, catchy melody played by whistle, this song will be perfect for any production that needs conveying a sense of freedom, friendship, hope for the future, or just sheer happiness and joy. You can't help but smiling and ... whistling! Loop versi...

Inspirational Prayer (no background vocals)

Beautiful, light, Intimate, Touching, Inmost, Deep, Lyrical, Orchestral, Piano, Acoustic, Sweet, Lovely, Gentle, Subtle, Sentimental and very intimate musical piece in inspirational and motivational mood with a deep philosophical sense. Perfect for your romantic and lyrical media projects.

Ambient Inspirational Background

Beautiful, Ambient, Atmospheric, Romantic, Deep, Relaxed, Chill out, light and joyful musical composition with absolutely fantastic and magical atmosphere of limitless space and philosophical depth will present you perfect background for your bright and outstanding projects. If you need something un...


by kubed
An atmospheric, clock ticking track with a pulsating baseline, eerie pads and fx, percussion hits and edgy synths. A final, climactic part leads to a sting ending. This track can work great for spy, espionage and crime tv series & films, as well as soundtrack for game shows and video games.

The Simple Life

Friendly and uplifting pop song with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, kalimba, marimba, mandolin, strings and light drums. Perfect background music for advertising, children themes, slideshows and many more.

Time Capsule Full Mix

This is a Mystical / Mysterious ambient track with sound design texture that combines synths with a deep ambient pads. A sense of something secret, ancient, unknown, under the surface, perhaps a dark / sinister event in history.
Yann Keerim