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Elctro Pop Ambient Positive Up Energy quirky tension action - Stinger version

Ambient electro background with deep synthesizer bass, psychedelic and atmospheric pads, hybrid rhythms for a running & energy feeling but not loud. Cyber industrial action, strange positive action, escape, chase, driving, city life experience. Hypnotic groovy Lab music, travel, discovery, adventure...

Elctro Pop Rock Ambient Edgy Energy quirky thriller tension - Stinger version

Cyber industrial ambient electro with a dynamic feel of mystery and suspenseful, hypnotically, groovy tension with cool, modern elements. CSI, investigation & crime, dramatic dark urban freaky, edgy aggressive feel. Creates tension and builds suspense, with a spacey ending.

Action Score

by nazar
Epic action hollywood style track with a straight building. Perfect for video games, action movie scores, trailers, adventure and epic contents. Features percussions, violins, cellos, stingers, intro and outro. Huge sound, high-impact dramatic score with a cinematic sound.

Country Life (Stinger)

Authentic country music track with typical acoustic guitars, catchy solos and a lively beat. Perfect for films and videos involving Wild West, cowboys, bars and biker culture, also great for TV commercials, documentaries, YouTube videos and more.

Energetic Hard Rock (Stinger)

Youthful and energetic Hard Rock music track with cool, playful e-guitars, a rich bass and drums. Exciting and groovy composition great for commercials, car videos, auto shows, sports videos, new product promo videos, TV and radio, films, YouTube videos and much more. Catchy and Bright track that co...

Groovy Rocking (Stinger)

Groovy and driving Indie rock with catchy e-guitars, cool solos, a fat bass and a powerful beat. Energetic and youthful, motivational and driving music track great for commercials, product promo videos, TV and radio, feature films, workout and sports videos.

Happy and Upbeat Inspiration (Stinger)

Positive, cheerful and happy Pop composition with a playful ukulele melody, xylophone, claps and a lively beat. Fresh, bright and exciting mood radiates cheerfulness and an easygoing atmosphere. Perfect for TV Commercials, YouTube videos, Corporate and business projects, new product promos, Happy fa...

Inspiring Youth (Stinger)

Emotional Indie Pop rock which motivates the listener with catchy melodies performed on acoustic and electric guitars, emotional solos and drums. Conveys an inspiring feeling of new beginnings. Great for films and TV.

Power Of The Drive (Stinger)

Catchy and groovy alternative rock full of power and energy. Featuring guitars with different effects, solid bass and powerful drums. Perfect for sports, workout, racing and youth lifestyle videos, TV and films. Strength and energy of this track will give you the drive to accomplish anything.

Ready Steady Go (Stinger)

Exciting and driving action rock composition with groovy guitars, modern synthesizers and powerful drums. Perfect for extreme sports and scenes with a lot of movement. Ultimate energy of this track will give you the motivation and drive to accomplish anything.

Inspirational Rock (Stinger)

Powerful Rock music with strong, driving and dynamic sound. Energetic poser electric guitar riffs with bright rock piano present you outstanding and effective background for any presentations or similar Youtube Videos. Feel the power of truly hard rock music.

Cheerful Country Pop (Stinger)

Cheerful and happy country music track featuring banjo, tuba and acoustic guitar typically heard as a soundtrack to Western movies, also great for TV commercials, documentaries, YouTube videos and more.

Emotional Rock Ballad (Stinger)

Emotional and sentimental Pop-Rock Ballad with a romantic touch featuring inspiring guitar melodies, solid bass and energetic drums. Perfect for film and TV, YouTube videos about romance, relationships and much more.

Happy Little Tune (Stinger)

Positive and happy, childlike and catchy, music track with a playful ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, banjo, bass guitar and an easygoing beat. Great for commercials and YouTube, Children's videos, TV and film.

Happy Summer Vacation (Stinger)

Cheerful, happy and energetic Pop-Rock music track with a positive atmosphere featuring playful acoustic guitars, a warm bass and a lively beat. Fresh, bright and blithe mood of this track is perfect for TV Commercials, YouTube videos, Corporate and business projects, new product promos, Happy famil...

Latin Bossa Nova (Stinger)

Passionate and emotional Latin composition in a Bossa Nova style with authentic acoustic guitars, light percussion, a warm bass and a gentle drumbeat. Great for romantic videos, vacation and travel videos, Hot nights and dance scenes in films and videos.

Ultimate Rock Drive (Stinger)

Energetic and groovy Rock music track with catchy electric guitar riffs, Hammond Organ and a cool drum beat. Edgy track full of energy and drive that is perfect for commercials, YouTube videos and movies on cars, motorcycles, sports, lifestyle, open road, bar and youth topics.

Game Over

The title sums it up! Game over music for games of a fairly light hearted nature.

Country Caper Stinger

Screwball Country and Western fused with a little Bluegrass. Frenetic, and just a bit silly. Great for comedy, chases and radio/podast bumpers.

Logo LS2 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..

Logo LS1 Hitech

Hi-tech Logo stinger with effective and uplifting high energy vibe..
Yann Keerim