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Progressive House Sporty Theme (Main Version)

Familiar-sounding Electro-House track. Ideal for energetic activities or confident corporate presentations.

Progressive House - Flexible Geometry

Non-distracting crisp Minimalist Tech track. Corporate and serious. Easily loopable.

Progressive House - On My Way

Very long trippy track. Easily loopable. Many more EDM and Progressive House tracks on profile!

Future Bass

Fresh background music for adverts, motivation/inspiration videos, blogs, fashion videos, presentations, travel videos, summer videos, upbeat and other projects.

Horseride (House Underscore)

Useful non-distracting backing track. Easily loopable and perfect for screens, podcasts, presentations and documentaries. The steel drum synth sound leans towards Summer moods.

EDM FishTicky

Useful instrumental for energetic activities. Many more EDM tracks on my profile!

Ethnic Progressive House

Ecstatic buildup of Dance festival music. Many more useful EDM tracks available on my profile.

EDM Nostalgic Euro House

Useful Dance backing track for remembering our pre-Covid world. Title explains the rest. Many more EDM tracks on my profile!

Deep Minimal Tech House

Non-distracting corporate instrumental. Useful for podcasts, drone footage, tech presentations and more.

Happy Energy Dance

Summery energetic composition, bearing a positive mood. This music is filled with a joyful and lively atmosphere.

Corporate Progressive House 2

Fast-paced musical journey. Useful athletic and techy Electro instrumental.

Deep Minimal Tech House

Self explanatory title for a handy underscore. Non-distracting corporate instrumental. Useful for podcasts, drone footage, tech presentations and more. Plenty of House music underscores such as this, on my profile!

EDM Veracity

Very powerful and driving Progressive EDM track. Stability and stamina that you can trust. You might want to check out the rest of the pack that contains a "behind the scenes" version as well as 30" and 15" intro-outro edits.

Electronic Emotional Dance

This track has nice emotional dance atmosphere. Perfect for presentations, youtube videos, slideshow, romantic, love videos and more. Including 2 versions: 1. Electronic Emotional Dance (Main Version): 2:39 2. Electronic Emotional Dance (Short Version): 1:24 BPM: 128 Key: A

Trance Background Atmosphere

This track has basic trance atmosphere. Because it has pluck, pad, lead, bass and drum parts, these elements so classic for trance sound. This one perfect for romantic projects, but you can use it as you want. Including 2 versions: 1.Main Version - 2:06 2.Short Version - 1:06 BPM: 130 Key: Gm
Yann Keerim
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