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Dancing Man

action, background, banjo, beat, big, bouncy, bright, burning man, cheerful happy, clouds, club, confident, corporate, dance, dance floor, determined, discovery, disturbing, driving, electric, energetic, fashion show, fun, funny, groovy, happy, hard, haunting, house, hypnotic, intense, joyful, motiv...

Miracle of Freedom

Exhilarating, motivational, and fast paced attention grabbing piece that quickly evokes feelings of success, passion, triumph and power. Motivation builds throughout using pop, rock, and uplifting symphonic instruments to create a strong hopeful climax with its finish. Featuring moods of positivity,...

Happy Kids

A positive music track with cheerful bright mood, “tic - tic - tic ” vocals, which contain flute, harmonica, bells, ukulele, оrgan, mute guitar, marimba, bright claps, percussion and more. Good for children projects, corporate videos, advertising, flash animations and comedy cartoons...


A happy, motivational, and cheerful pop track featuring an uplifting groove. Great for YouTube videos, vloggers, beauty gurus, cat videos, commercial, corporate use and much more. Perfect for giving that positive feeling!

Funny Dream

Happy, uplifting and joyful track spreading a positive mood with whistle, ukuleles, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, accordion, piano, flute, string, drums and bass. This upbeat happy instrumental will be perfect for your presentation or Youtube video needing a cheerful and sweet mood. Also this Ukul...

Fly Away

Dreamy and rhythmic electro pop track includes a large number of synthetic sounds, melodic lines and reefs, creating a pleasant and uplifting. Use this song in your videos where there are ups and landing flying machines where you need to express the feeling of flying.

Gipsy Caffe Jingle

Gipsy guitars and happy upbeat tempo all authentic and groovy. This track is played with live instruments no loops.. Jingle is available in 3 edits in 24bit 48khz: Gipsy Caffe Jingle main Gipsy Caffe Jingle packed Gipsy Caffe Jingle essential

Corporate Business Inspirational

Uplifting, Upbeat, Motivational, Bright, Positive, Optimistic, Successful, Popular, Beautiful, Background, Corporate, Presentable, Innovate, Fresh, Modern, Bouncy, Sunny and Light Musical composition with very beautiful and warm atmosphere will present you perfect audio for any Video, Media, Multim...

Live Is Life

A futuristic, technology, and electronic corporate music track that features cold digital synthesizer, piano, hard bass and dance drum beat. High technology music that feels cutting edge, focused, state of the art business, innovative product branding, corporate concentration, determined, and new sc...

Feel Like Smiling

This happy and funny track can be used for advertising,commercial, motivational videos, music for children, presentation, backgrounds, applications, inspiring videos, viral marketing, films and radio, summer videos, happy slideshows, family videos, corporate projects, cheerful and fun Youtube videos...

Wedding Photo

Spacious and inspirational track with electric and acoustic guitars and romantic piano theme available in 3 edits: Wedding photo (main) Wedding photo (essential) Wedding photo (looped groove)

Elegant Corporate

Uplifting and motivational pop rock track with orchestral elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Association and the pictures that emerge from this sound: great impressions, work and finance, career and purpose, hard way to riches, satisfaction of the winner, personal growth,...

Beautiful Acoustic

Beautiful Acoustic Folk music with live warm electric and acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bells, light drum kit. Peaceful and inspiring music will perfect background audio for your Videos.

Light Acoustic Inspirational

Warm and Inspiring Acoustic track with live acoustic guitar, piano, strings, drum kit and bells. Beautiful optimistic music with positive and joyful sound will be perfect background audio for your Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotion, Radio, Photo-Audio-Video, Broa...

Happy Claps

Cheerful, happy, upbeat background track featuring piano, guitar, and claps. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.

Happy Hoedown

Banjo, dobro (slide acoustic guitar), claps - any country, West Texas, Contrabando, border, Southern, barn dance scene. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.
Yann Keerim