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Becoming Alive full

Melancholic and very sentimental classical piano piece with string accompaniment. Reflective and gentle. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

Rainy Day full

Gentle and sentimental classical piano piece. Sparkling melody motifs like raindrops on a gloomy day. Reflective and melancholic. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

Morphing Of The Soul full

Short classical composition with piano and strings. Sentimental, gentle and melancholic. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance.

Descending Sorrow full

Sentimental and touching classical piano piece. Beginns very sad and finds an optimistic end like a sorrow fading away. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

New Love

Romantic, sensitive, loving piano music track. This music is soft and slow and will fit well for dramatic and touching situations. Warm acoustic piano sound


Fresh and creative piano music. This music is fast with jazzy piano melodies. The melody was full harmonized giving a contemporary sound. Ambient piano music, very sweet, soft and slow. This piano ballad will fit well for sensitive, dramatic and romantic projects. Touching, tender, loving music


Romantic-relaxed, light westcoast pop/smooth jazz featuring a catchy theme, acoustic guitar, Rhodes, a soulful solo sax, a funky guitar and a groovy shuffle beat.

Bing Ding

A glockenspiel melody meets a RnB groove with acoustic guitar and strings. Sounds fresh and modern. Well-suited for technology, presentations and commercials.

Too Cool for School

Cool Lounge track with jazzy e-piano and trumpet solos accompanied by a laid-back drum groove. Well-suited for lifestyle cocktail parties.

Hamburg Nightlife

Cool smooth jazz track with highlighted themes by piano and sax and an easygiong but driving beat. Groovy and relaxed.

Moonhill Child

Slow, atmospheric Ballad with a romantic piano theme and soft bongo beat. Perfect for love movies and thoughtful moments.
Yann Keerim
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