80ies Feelings by Jamacore

80ies Feelings


ID: #106324

Duration: 02:03

80ies Feelings - 02:03

Track Description

Authentic eightees pop music with electronic drums, spherical synths and pads. Great for technology, reports and presentations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dramatic, affecting, dark, gloomy, sinister, emotion, feeling, affecting, touching, soulful, sentimental, emotional, passionate, relaxed, chilled, chillout, laid back, festive, ceremonial, solemnly, ceremonious, groovy, rhythmic, happy, lucky, fortunate, prosperous, auspicious, rejoice, joy, pleasure, gladness, delight, bliss, historic, ancient, history, easy, light, melodic, melodiously, tunefully, mysterious, arcane, mystical, mystery, positive, calm, moderate, smooth, peaceful, tranquil, summer, sunny, vacation, suspense, tension, thrilling, suspenseful, ambient, sphere, atmosphere, spherical, thriller, crime scene, criminal, impulsive, driving, impelling, kicking, upbeat, propulsive, chasing, technology, presentation, engineering, sciences, future, technical, futuristic, mechanical, visualization, high tech, hi-tech, industry, playful, playfully, lively, laid back, sci-fi, science fiction, outer space, future, sports, dragster, rallye, motocross, stockcar, kitesurfing, surfing, motorsports, snowboarding, skateboarding, funsports, energetic, powerful, forceful, determined, excited, enthusiastic, hopeful, reflective, pensive, thoughtful, contemplative, introspective, travel, travelling, tourism, vacation, gentle, tender, soft, smooth, mellow, hypnotic, trippy, psychedelic, corporate, business, lifestyle, fashion, trendy, monotone, party, dreamy, teenage, youthful, teenager, young, passionate, ardently, floating, ethereal, dreamy, motivating, motivation, fashion, catwalk, trendy, lifestyle, style, comedy, sitcom, dramedy, futuristic, future, luxury, luxurious, elegant, optimistic, upbeat, retro, politics, majestic, regal, honorable, stirring, circus, fairground, entertainment, show, travel, traveling, vacation, nostalgia, news, press, fairy tale, myth, youth, teen, young, sexy, erotic, angelic, heavenly, delightful, 80ies, 80s, authentic, real, oldschool, report, tv, Pop, Synthiepop

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