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Glass Slipper

Grand, bright, orchestral adventure. A sense of magic and a special occasion. Sweeping strings, magical chord progressions, a tingling sense. Adventure, storytelling, fairytale. A royal gala, perhaps red carpet premiére, or ballroom dancing at the royal castle. Grand opening, unveiling, inaugurat...

Trip to Athlone - The Luck Penny

An upbeat set of traditional Irish jigs performed box, mandolin, fiddle, guitar and bodhran. Begins with mandolin, and fiddle, box and bodhran join in at 0:09 to create a larger sound. Begins with Trip to Athlone, then leads into The Luck Penny at 0:59. This track has two titles because this is trad...

Haste to the Wedding - Kitty Come Down to Limerick

A traditional Irish double jig (Haste to the Wedding) which moves into slip Jig (Kitty Come Down to Limerick) at 1:00. Pounding bodhran drives both spirited jigs which are played by fiddle and mandolin. Popular jigs in Ireland, heard around the country, these are valiant, glorious and an ode to olde...

Rock It Out

Rock It out is hard and nu-metal heavy rock, in the style of nu-metal greats such as Limp Bizkit, Korn and adrenaline fuelled blend of groove metal & hard rock powered by huge guitar riffs and pumping live drums. Intense, loud, scary and super heavy.

Slip 'n Slide

Cool, uptempo kids track featuring house style drums, groovy tunes, 90's 'Korg M1' house style piano chords, melodic bass lines and lots of variation throughout, Highly suitable for a friendly kids action game, racing game or any other fun filled footage for kids and pre-teens,

Modern And Ancient

by Slip
Fast and furious drum beatsbeats interspersed with vocal phrases.Hypnotic, Mystical, Chaotic

Fights Break Out

by Slip
Changing from quiet ambient parts to veryvery prominent, deep resonant bass and drums.Angry, Forceful, Dramatic

Am I Falling Or Am I Really Alive

by Slip
Jumpy and busy rhythms and percussion.percussion. With vocals. Nice and jazzy.Cool, Sophisticated, Easy
Yann Keerim
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