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Promising Days

Catchy and melodic acoustic folk type track with an optimistic feel featuring warm acoustic guitar, pretty piano, dulcimer and lively upbeat percussion. Evokes feelings of strength, confidence, optimism and happiness. Perfect for vlogs, podcasts, commercials, advertising, corporate video, background...

Warm Acoustic Morning

A heartwarming, uplifting and inspiring optimistic track featuring warm acoustic guitar, beautiful piano and soft, upbeat drums. Evokes feelings of love and kindness, sharing with loved ones, working together to rebuild and general situations of positivity. Perfect for corporate video background, co...

Morning Routine

A fresh and funky track with urban vibe great for business, trendy media, advertising or marketing background!

Inspirational Motivational Indie Film

Motivational Indie EDM track, written under the impression of a group of “Twenty one pilots”. A mixture of styles of hip-hop, electro-pop and indie, in conjunction with inspirational chords. Good for independent cinema and car advertising. The archive includes: Main track – 3:30 Lite Versio...

Timelapse Technology Background

It is a melodic electronic track using pianos, reverse glitch sounds and a deep rhythm section for background music, inspiration, summer, technology and many other projects.

The Ambient Guitar

This is atmospheric ambient music using a melodic guitar, electric piano and hip hop drums. Suitable for travel videos on YouTube, meditation, slide shows, advertising, technology, corporate video, and many of your other projects.

Technology Background Ambient

A soothing track using electronic sounds and a hip-hop rhythm for backgrounds, timelaps, presentations, fashion, technology and many other projects.

Piano Trap

Quiet, beautiful, relaxing track using the piano, rhythm section in the style of the trap, vocal sample and additional electronic sounds for background music in advertising, youtube, vlog and other your projects.

Inspiring Uplifting Indie Rock

"Inspiring Uplifting Indie Rock" is a beautiful, building, soaring and optimistic type corporate track with pretty piano, awesome electric guitar harmonics, inspiring synth plucks and driving drums. The track builds steadily, adding layers of inspiration, motivation, optimism, hope, joy and confiden...

Uplifting Energy

"Uplifting Energy" is a bright, inspiring and optimistic corporate pop track with delayed electric guitar, beautiful piano, playful synth pluck, and upbeat, lively percussion. Evokes feelings of hope, confidence, reassurance and inspiration. Perfect for corporate background, advertising, commercials...

Endless Summer Inspiration

"Endless Summer Inspiration" is a beautiful, melodic, inspiring and uplifting ambient guitar track with a sunny, summertime surf vibe. Evokes many other feelings such as optimism, hopeful, motivational, peaceful, heartwarming and warmth. Perfect for travel / adventure / outdoor vlogs, lifestyle medi...

Hip-Hop Rock

This is the Rock of the future. We have mixed classic and modern styles to make this track. There are also dirty riffs and elements of future bass, blues notes and hip hop loops. Changing the balance in the chorus will draw attention to your work. Such a track just begs for use in advertising.

Inspiring Ambient Corporate

"Inspiring Ambient Corporate" is a slow building ambient guitar track with steady rock drums, gentle bass guitar and soft piano progression. This track will immediately bring you to a place of hope, love, inspiration, courage and optimism. Perfect for indie films, vlogs, corporate background, commer...

Inspirational Ambient Guitar

"Inspirational Ambient Guitar" is a gorgeous, ambient soft rock track that builds with beautiful synth pads, pretty delayed electric guitar melodies and a big yet soft piano progression. Evokes feelings of hope, inspiration, courage, confidence and love. This track would be perfect for heartwarming ...
Yann Keerim
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