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Cow Thing

Description: Weird western spaghetti in 5/4 time signature. electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, Hammond organ, drums

Guts and Glory

Fast paced and vibrant epic track with big orchestra, percussion pattern and choir. Rather aggressive yet uplifting through heroic brass, some woodwinds and accentuated strings. Very engaging and attention-grabbing, this track ideally expresses power through brass, action through nervous breaking pe...

Second Chance

Very symphonic, dark and engaging track, realized with accentuated strings, powerful brass and accompanied by hybrid instruments. The dense atmosphere intensifies and percussive hits set in. Very dramatic, tensed and powerful. Rather fireceful and modern, this track is ideal for announcing a tragic ...

Cinematic Tension Suspense Dramatic Uneasy Music

A tension fueled track perfect for underscoring scenes of mystery, suspense, drama, unease and even great as an end credits title sequence bed.

The Fear

An 80s inspired horror soundrack, complete with 80s synths and modern percussion elements. Very 'indie' atmosphere. Begins with retro synths, adding powerful sub bass and then the crashing percussion kicks in. Absolutely perfect for trailers and modern, edgy horror.

Deep Water

A creepy and unnerving underscore featuring strings, clarinets and harp. Great for horror and drama.

Darkness Falls

Dark, atmospheric and creepy orchestral track that sends a shiver down the spine. Mournful strings, a ghostly piano and unearthly harp express a mounting sense of unease and tension. Conveys a sense of menace, fear and mystery.

Mysterious Creatures

Mysterious Creatures is an atmospheric orchestral track. It blends a soft magical quality with an underlying sense of unease. Beginning with a melodic solo piano it builds by adding brass, strings and choirs to create a lush, cinematic mood. Great for adding a sense of mysteriousness or wonder.
Yann Keerim
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