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To The Rhythm! (Electronic Dance Music)

A medium tempo (123 BPM) Dance track, perfect for a workout or fitness session, as well as for in a nightclub. It has a Eurodance/90's feel to it. This is an extended mix, which means that the track has a long intro and outro.

Fashion Disco

An upbeat and Jazz influenced Disco dance track. In this groovy track, funky strumming guitars, saxophone, warm electro piano, disco strings and trumpets combined in stylish mix. Use it anywhere you want to create the upbeat and joyful summer mood – party, feel good and motivational videos, a...

Time After Time

This electro pop track is very positive and motivating. Includes catchy synth vocal melody, acoustic guitar strum, pulsing lead, house bass, claps, powerful drums and modern pop energy! The music is useful in any kind of modern and fresh production, as well as TV commercials, creative portfolio vide...

Energy Action

This is a pumping, energetic action and groovy dance track with country elements. I made this for action, racing themes, youth culture, motion, driving etc. Basically anything that needs a big sounding groove that boosts energy. Great for commercial background, sports cars, motocross, racing themes,...

Pop Dance Party

This is a super fun, upbeat pop instrumental that you could imagine at a pool party or a dance party. It has a timeless top 40 feel, combining elements of house, EDM, and pop. The catchy synth hooks are accented by cool jangly guitar and supported by a very cool four on the floor standard dance beat...


by xero
This one is a Positive Pop track featuring electric guitars, bass, drums etc. This tune provides good mood and motivation. Good yhoice for any energetic videos.


Corporate and pop instrumental music track. Gives energetic and powerful mood for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, business and travel videos, motivational presentations.

Balkan Groove

Expressive and dynamic track with balkan influence blended with modern electronic drums and strong bass. This balkan style track would be great for a wide range of promotional media, as well as videos related to youth, dance party, celebrating, having fun, enjoying and much more!

Electrix (No Drums Version)

Futuristic electronic music with modern synths, driving beats and an optimistic vibe. Great for technology, research, youth, lifestyle and presentations.


Futuristic electronic music with modern synths, driving beats and an optimistic vibe. Great for technology, research, youth, lifestyle and presentations.

Funny Disco Dance

Contemporary Nu Disco House track with deep grooving bass, funky electro piano chords, electro guitar, retro disco elements integrated in modern arrangement. Positive, luxury and stylish. Excellent for fashion show, catwalk, luxury brand presentation and background for photo session.

My Little House

Welcome to My Little House. This is a high energy, cheerful, modern and progressive track with a catchy guitar riff. This optimistic, encouraging, inspiring and motivating tune with positive mood contains arpeggios, bells, beautiful piano, electronic bass, plucks, electric guitar, awesome synths, en...
Yann Keerim